A Zimbabwean church leader, Bishop Susan Ziki Dube, has claimed she died, went to heaven and was allowed to return to Earth to spread the word of God and perform miracles.

The founder of the Holy Baptist Apostolic Church of Christ in Africa shared her experience, describing the moment she died on a hospital bed and how her soul traveled up to the ‘holy gates’ and entered a place called the ‘Third Heaven.’

Dube said her spirit was welcomed into heaven, but then she was sent back to spread the word of Christ and help those in need, Zim News is reporting.

The Bishop was quoted as saying, “What made me start my church is the fact that I died at one point while I was in hospital. Before then I had already started praying for people at the age of 19 in my rural home of Masvingo in Zimbabwe.

“As I was told, while nurses waited for the doctor to come to find out what had happened to me, I saw myself going into Heaven.

“When I entered each of these layers of Heaven, I would see angels and they would tell me to proceed, but when I reached the Third Heaven, I was met by an angel who told me to go back to life, start a church, preach and heal.

“People were bemused when I woke up because the ward was for critically ill people. But I woke up, and started walking around the ward seeing other patients. I even spent three days speaking only in tongues.

“I now help people from as far as Britain, Switzerland, Nigeria and Germany.

“When they phone, I pray with them. When a person wants a job, even if they are in Dubai, I pray with them while they fill out their application forms, or if it’s online, they touch the screen of the computer.

“Those who need citizenship or work permits, I also do the same. Eventually they phone back when they have realized results.

“I have a strict way of performing the miracles because as the angel instructed, we use the Bible.

“For healing I use sea salt, holy oil, holy water, fish oil or milk if there is a problem which requires such a method. But we don’t use stones. Our emphasis is also to teach people to have faith and pray. I converse with the angel through visions, or I hear a voice, or I just get a revelation during an ordinary discussion.”