In the late 80s Mike Okri was one of those who stood at the forefront of the Nigerian music industry. His song ‘Concert Fever’ was like a national anthem that was heard all over the country. Fast forward to 2016,all may not be well with Mike and his brother, Edi Kriz Okri. Edi is no longer proud of who his brother has turned to be.


“I and Mike are brothers, but I’m not proud of him,” Kriz said “Back in the days, when some of these artistes begin to make waves they get involved in spiritual activities to boost their careers.“ Edi is back with the release of his new album titled “Oshofree.”

Talking about spirituality, Mike once said about leaving Nigeria  “My movement was sudden, but it was not a sudden decision. We all know that I have been a prayerful person. I had moved around and doing things without consulting God in all I do. Three different persons saw it and revealed that I needed to change location for a period of time. But what I never bargained for, was the ten or eleven years I spent abroad. But I think the movement was worthwhile.”

We wonder what Mike did to his brother