Some female entertainers might want to jump at any guy that comes their way for a relationship with great hopes that things will be better but for Nollywood actress, Omowunmi Dada, she can’t just accept anybody in her life like that.

Omowunmi prefers that she get to know the person more before they could start a relationship which to her is very delicate and should not just be dabbled into.

She stated that she cannot just date any guy that comes her way because she does not know anything about him and so needs to be his friend and not just for the fun of it.

“Do men still just walk up to ladies and ask them out? I can’t date anyone I don’t know. I have to know you first. We need to have been friends for a while. I need to know your kind of person because a relationship is not something you jump into and jump out of, except if you are just going into a relationship for the fun of it,” she told the Nation newspaper.