Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon, has made it clear that her ex-husband, Daniel Ademinokan will forever remain in her past. She is not going back and that is final. The actress whose skin still glows at her age is grateful to her parents for taking good care of her.

Talking about her relationship, Like I used to say, it is not the end for me concerning marriage. If God says it is time, fine. if not, all well and good. I am satisfied and not in a hurry. God has the final say. I am not rushing at all, maybe, because I have tasted it before.

Even if Daniel comes back for reconciliation, she said  “I can’t reconcile with him anymore.” During the crisis she revealed how she was able to cope “A lot of stories were flying around and it was so difficult to figure out the truth. It wasn’t easy when it happened. I should say that could have been the worst thing that happened to one. I felt bad. That period was a very painful period for me. It was indeed not a good one at all. I just had to think ahead rather than dwell on my past because that kills faster. And I say it a lot, you don’t have to dwell on your past, on your mistakes or pains. Instead, think ahead, of what the next step is supposed to be. That was what I did and I moved on.

She advised those who are going through what she  went through “Cry, shed the tears, cry very well in your closet and pray very well at the same time and then forge ahead; don’t dwell on your past. That is why I said cry it out so it won’t kill you but focus on your future. If you stay with your past I am sorry-o, you will just kill yourself.