Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh’s half-sister, Tatiana, has sent out a note of warning to anyone planning to attack her sister henceforth.

Tatiana says she is ready to die for Tonto and any of her siblings. According to her, they “get mad” in their family but hide the trait until a hater forces them to show it.

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Dear Nigerians, I’m here to let u all know that henceforth, if anyone calls out my sister Tonto, I don’t care who d hell u r, I’ll give it back to u….We may have our differences and disagree on allot, but realize SHE IS MY BLOOD SISTER…Whatever u may have heard or seen in d past, remains in my past and I don’t live there anymore…I have been silent but no more and for those useless grown girls talking trash yesterday, I’ll school u abit.

If u were friends with someone and it goes sour, what fucking rights do u have to expose their secrets they shared with u??Y’all don’t know d ethics of friendship and u should go back to kindergarten…

This is a wake-up call to everyone, Tonto Dikeh is my blood and I am willing and ready to DIE for all of my siblings..
In our family, we dey mad, oh but we keep am for wallet till u hang ur own like ID card, then we bring out our own…A word, they say is enough for who go school