Have you wonder why these big record labels hardly sign the female artistes? Ice Prince who just started his own label has made it known that he is not ready to sign a lot of females because it is difficult to take care of their many demands.

 He said “I don’t really know if I will have many women in Super Cool Cats record label”,   he continued “The much I know is that they are very expensive to maintain. You have to take care of their hairs, makeups, creams and so on. And you know what they use is different and more expensive than their male counterparts.”

Talking about record label “ This record label that we are unveiling today has been my long time dream for the past three years but I have been looking for an opportunity to do this so that people will not think  I am having issues with Chocolate City. That was why we  decided to do it today. My new record label will also be going into fashion and arts as I am already working with some artistes in that regards. Fashion is another thing I have passion for, that is why I decided to bring in fashion and it will be for both male and female,” he said