In-your-face Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh Churchill’s restitution with Mercy Johnson over her unprovoked attack on the latter few months after the birth of her daughter Purity in the year 2013, has drawn mixed reactions from many Nigerians and fans of both A-list actors.

Other Nigerian celebrities have also shared their own mixed reactions.

Check out what they’re saying:

Halimar Abubakar:

Actress and producer, Halima shared a series of posts to air her own views (and ‘shades’?)


Limpopo master had kind words for the duo. He reached out to them via his instagram thus:

iam_kceeMay God bless the two of you, for what you have done this morning. It goes a long way to show that God is still alive, and what the word LOVE ❤️ is all about. Thanks to @tontolet and @mercyjohnsonokojie ?

Victoria Iyanma

The one time Nollywood hottie posted this from her US base: Good Morninggggg?. As d snow is keeping ‘US’ indoors, I strolled around social media and oooops?. We should learn how to be kind to each other❤ Kind with our Words? Apology is great but d damage may not be rectifiable. So now it’s words on Victoria. OMG am crying ???. Like it’s ?????. I love them both to bits but right now, another episode is about to start with other artists or pple. All d bickering can stop, though I know it’s fun for entertainment but it could be reduced. But hey if calling me names will make your life better then pls go ahead??Narcissistic” A person who has an Excessive interest in or admiration of themselves” And that’s why I try ?. Am not judging no one, can’t be bothered really neither am I fuelling a burnt issue. To ma lovelies here ??????. Pls let’s #live #love#learn#laugh and be kind to each other ❤??.

Toyin Abraham (formerly Toyin Aimakhu)

Trust Toyin not to miss in on the moment. She had these kind words for her colleagues:

toyin_abraham GOD BLESS @tontolet and @mercyjohnsonokojie ????

2017 it’s all about positivity

Shakar El

You would think from this photo  that Tonto and Shakar El are very cool friends right? But his blunt observation and advice to her may shock you: Karma is a Bitch that all Bitches out there should Respect because it will always come and show you pepper, My advise to young gals out there ,if you are sleeping with other people’s Husband and breaking homes,when you get married abeg dont be angry if karma comes knocking at your door,Turn a Blind eye and Enjoy your husband’s money and that is if you re lucky enough to marry a rich one sha,Don’t Fight nor break things in the house oh because that is Domestic Violence.Always put yourself in the position of your Victim and their Children while you re in the act….i know a Celebrity Wedding Guest of a Lagos Society Wedding 3 years ago that Started Sleeping with the Groom just few days after the wedding..That was Brutal nwanne,no remorse for the newly wedded bride haba. And for Men,no need to talk about Us because like they do say in Nigeria ‘Men are Scum’ Shakar Nwa Mama is not a Saint in fact I am serious Sinner but I will only use the name of God when I truly mean it..God is Merciful and may He Forgive us all…..”

What’s your own take on the now famous apology?