Wonders they say would never end, stupidity really has no limit as a 13 year old boy bade goodbye to this world out of stupidity .

It’s sad that despite the fact that we are in the era of civilization, many has chosen the path of Uncivilization in becoming savages.

Can someone please tell me what a 13 year old teenager need an anti-bullet charm for?

The incident allegedly occurred at Amagu-Uwani, Mgboko, Aku of Igbo-Etiti Local Government Area, Enugu State.

And it was gathered that the 26 year old herbalist, at different occasions has successfully tested his charms, which was said to protect against bullets and cutlass, on the decease, Obumuneme.

This time around things simply went wrong after the herbalist covered Obumuneme’s body with his concoction and fired a shot, which went through his vital organs, leaving him unconscious.

He was quickly rushed to the hospital for treatment. But sadly, he didn’t make it there as he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

More information gathered revealed that the herbalist and the deceased were from the same family and he was using the help of the little boy to test any of his invented charms which finally took the life of the teenager.

After the evil act, the herbalist and parents has been reported to have fled the community, due to fear of been apprehended or lynched.