Nigerian born Lawyer and activist, Emeka Ugwuonye, shared this opinion about marriage. Do you agree?

“Marriage in Nigeria is a favor to men. There is no doubt about it. Marriage is a sure way to get a cook, a cleaner, a maid, someone that makes the bed and cleans after you, someone to satisfy your sexual urges without you even having to satisfy hers.

Someone to babysit your children and help you propagate your gene and name into the next generation, someone to insult and abuse without consequence. And men get these almost free of charge. Clearly, marriage in Nigeria is a huge favor to the man.

That is why, as you have seen here, that Nigerian men are the ones to kick so hard against divorce. That is why they are the ones most ready to argue that marriage was ordained by God, which reminds us of history.

The slave owners were the ones to argue that God ordained slavery. How come that it is the same man ready to beat his wife out of frustration from marriage that turns around to oppose divorce? Men would have supported divorce if marriage was a favor to women.

The poorer the man is, the greater the favor to the man.

I challenge you to think logically and you will see that the women are doing a favor to men by entering into marriages.”