A funny test of moral values versus hunger for money which came in the fun of a social media teaser over the week saw many Nigerians coming up with many answers, all different shades of a resounding yes.

The teaser before many was “Would you bathe in public for $10 million?” While many believe the money was worth the shame, others were even willing to do ore than the just bathing.


Interestingly, Nigerian celebrities were not left out of the fun as many of them also shared their thoughts on the teaser as a number of those who reacted to Omoni Oboli’s version of the viral teaser came out with some really hilarious responses. Check them out:

Others like Kate Henshaw who has been in the eye of the social media storm created by Femi Fani-Kayode over a wrongly attributed Biafra post didn’t miss out on the joke. Kate particularly wanted to know if the money would be paid in advance!


On their own parts, actresses Moyo Lawal and Sotayo Sobola were in the affirmative and spoiling for the real challenge:

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Hilarious, these celebrities’ responses to the teaser. It may be a simple fun teaser, but it is also a test of values and morals. Many have gone for the money like these celebs. Would you do same for $10 million? Over to you