It was a tough time at Glitterati set when 2 Nollywood stars Ann Njemanze popularly known as Domitilla and Adunni Ade had a hot exchange of words on the set of a new movie being shot in Ikeja, According to Bon Sources.

Our findings reveal that the movie Location for Day 1 was Weston hotels in Ikeja and all the Artistes were in Room 804 before they moved to the reception where they shot a very important scene from 1am to 3am,immediately the scene was completed Adunni went to  the room and guys around helped her to pack her things into her car and she stayed there with shafar a co actress gisting until the crew of Goldmyne came to call her to come for behind the scene interviews and it was when she was entering that she overheard Ann who was speaking to one of the Directors Abbey Jimoh wondering why they would Allow Adunni to go when she was looking for her bangles.

This upset Adunni and she instantly gave it to Ann saying why on Earth will she Accuse her of stealing, All efforts by their colleagues to settle them fall on deaf ears as Adunni went on and on and even offered that her things could be searched before she drove off in her Honda suv and minutes later Ann left in her Honda suv angry that the producers didn’t act well when her Bangles went missing and insisted that a full apology should be given to her and that the language used by the producer was insensitive,

While this went on a lot of the younger colleagues who looked in total shock and wonder why Ann was so unfriendly all through her stay, one Actor who wants to remain out of press disclose all through shoots Ann had this disgusting look during Aduuni’s shoot and while shafar was helpful she was hostile,The search for the Missing bangles continues.