Multi-Talented and Award Winning Producer/Musician, JJC, unbelievably has three baby mamas and three grown kids. But unlike Tuface Idibia, who also has three baby mamas but ended up marrying one, (Annie Macauley), JJC who's also known as Mr. Skillz isn't sure of marrying any of his. In a chat with, Mr. Skillz born Abdul Rasheed Bello, also revealed why he's not ready to settle down any time soon. "Right now, I am just having fun," he said. "The emotional ties is what I am trying so hard to avoid, because I want to focus on my career. My career makes me happy but my relationships don't make me happy. Its full of complaints. Until I get to that point that I'm satisfied with my career, before I can think of bringing someone else fully into my life. Fortunately for me, I had kids early in life. Three babymamas and three kids. My daughter would be 18 years next month, my first son would be 15 and my last baby boy would be 10. I have really fought and suffered for my kids. They are my full responsibility." On why he is not marrying any of them, the veteran music act said, "It takes more than just being in love to make a relationship work. We were all young when these things happened. We are still very good friends. I love the mothers of my childrens so much for always been there supporting me and my children. However, two of my baby mamas are already married, just one of them remaining." JJC recently released a music video of his life history so far, titled 'My Life- Actor No Dey Die'. In the documentary-style music video, he displays an autobiography of himself detailing 16years in the music industry. your social media marketing partner