‘Cucumber Queen’ Chidinma Okeke, has alleged threat to her life after those she called her ‘blackmailers’ threatened to shot her if she come out to reveal those who planned her s&&tape.

Indications has emerged that Chidinma who has been denying her involvement in the video could no longer deny it after the second version of the video which showed her allegedly face more clearly emerged.

She has therefore planned to hold a press to reveal all the secrets behind the evil act and those who lured her into it but, ‘there’ threat made her retreated from coming forward.


Chidinma was supposed to address the Press Conference at the premises of the Nigerian Union Of Journalists’ Hall, In Akwa, Anambra State but, failed to show up as she said she received a text message warning her to call the conference off or get shoot.

She said her blackmailer told her in a phone call conversation that if she shows up and make any statement she will be shot. She posted this on her Facebook page few hours after the press conference was schedule to begin and failed to show up.


Chidinma wrote; “Good morning. This is Chidinma Okeke, Miss Anambra2015 considering the need to make the world know the truth about the trending scandal and what we have been going through before, then and now. I decided to address a world press conference at the NUJ press centre, Awka today but, from the moment i made public this intention i have been under siege of threats by my blackmailers and traducers. They are seriously threatening to shoot me at the press conference if i ever open my mouth to say real truth about the ugly episode. Since i have no protection and if i die now the truth will be buried forever, it’s my intention to sacrifice myself to save not just myself but other girls and the upcoming pageant by letting the world know the truth and what we go through. They have continued to assemble all manner of expertise and professionals to edit the video and send them in badges. My life is under serious threat if they succeed in killing me today the world already know my traducers the truth is unearthed.”


Also the third girl in the video, whose fingers showed while trying to make sure Chidinma exposed her ** part well, is said to be on the run. He was said to have been the one who alledgedly send the video to a guy due to her carelessness.