I am not trying to be a hater but I need to call out some Nollywood folks who are beginning to let the little fame they have get to their heads.

The other day I was on twitter and I saw a tweet by Ikechukwu (@ikechukwuKillz), he got ‘man-handled’ (his own words) by a bouncer at the rehab night club and he went on twitter venting and crying like a little bitch-excuse the language. He went as far as to say that anyone who ever partied at Rehab nightclub should never have anything to do with him because of the way he was treated. I don’t understand who the hell he thinks he is to make such a statement, disowning the little fans he has because of one bouncer who should have put him in his placed. Who is he to talk down to everyone that has clubbed at rehab because of his incident?

Truth be told, I am sure that the reason this little rap boy is making so much noise, is probably because he wasn’t given the VIP treatment that he felt he deserved, again he needs to check his ego.

Another example of a proud-for-no-reason Naija celeb is Banky W., who believes that he is so special enough and went on twitter to say that if people wanted him to reply to their tweets they had to be more original with what they say to him ‘I love you Banky W’ he says is not creative enough so he won’t bother replying such tweets, like really who in the world cares.

I don’t know where these people get off thinking they are something because they see their videos played on MTV or Channel O. I just feel bad for the 10 or 15 people who give a fuck about him.

Once I went to Silverbird to watch a movie and get some snacks, I spotted M.I a few yards from me and once he looked back and saw some girls trying to walk up to him, this dude started running like he had some paparazzi after him. The poor girls were so confused as to why he did that lol …to be honest I wasn’t sure who he was then until I saw a music video and it was then I realised who he was. Anyway i cant really blame him, seeing his a midget maybe he’s trying to get a tall order of ego!

Even Yankee stars are more humble and appreciative of their fans and I think Naija celebs who to be honest are local stars compared to other bigger names need to humble their selves a bit. I am not saying they should be overly friendly but they should enable to be cordial. Don’t go disowning people who party at a certain place because you had a misunderstanding with one person, or feeling so big you want people to cry before you reply their tweets.

Look at someone like Rita Dominic, she is so humble and polite to everyone that comes across her because she understands her responsibility as a celebrity, she’s always grateful for her fans and never fails to show appreciation whether in public events or on her facebook or via twitter. Also Dare Art Alade and Omoni Oboli are other good examples of humble and respectful celebrities who understand where they come from.

Ok Guys feel free to drop some of the experiences you have had with Naija Celebs/stars. Also give a list of some of the rude/fake ones and the polite ones…