Do you remember the bread seller turn model that was discovered by Ty Bello?

She is still waxing strong and getting better by the day. After making a move from the modeling agency ‘Few Model’ who signed her immediately she became famous, she has unveiled her new plan.

It was a mix feeling from fans when she revealed he was moving away from Few Models, some congratulated her, while some felt she was ungrateful.

Well, she eventually moved to Beth models Africa, where she claimed she would be able to horn her career better.

She recently revealed she would be opening a charity organization soon, called Olajumoke Orisaguna Foundation.

This is said to be a means of giving back to the society and making sure her she help in the best way she can.

In her words: “Can’t wait to begin this journey, we are starting up with plans and details for the Olajumoke Orisaguna Foundation and watch this space soon.”