Comic  Nollywood actor Omobanke  loves women! There is no doubt about that because he has admitted that fact.  He has been embroiled in love scandals especially when the story of him abandoning his family for a Canadian love came to the public notice.

He cleared the air about his love for women “I don’t hide it. If people say I like women, I will say they are right. I like women a lot. Why won’t I like them if they are part of what make our job going? Women and acting are two things that can’t be separated. I will be foolish to take advantage of that and start to misbehave. Come to think of it, who doesn’t like women? Who was not born by a woman? “

Once he had an encounter with a lady on the streets of Lagos “I could remember a day when I was walking on a street in Lagos and suddenly, a woman from nowhere approached me drew me closer to her and kissed me. I was shocked and embarrassed. I asked her why she did that and her response was that I like you and I have always wanted to do this.”

He talks about the report of his Canadian lover “Actually, it was not a report. There were series of reports. People have written a lot of stories about me. They keep writing what they don’t know how true it is. Right now, I am less bothered about that. You can’t tell me you are a celebrity if you don’t have different versions of your stories in the media, whether good or bad. “

He explains  “Those who wish to know already know the real thing. Those who don’t know will also know at the right time. I know what you want to hear, whether I did this or that…Let’s just say I am happily married and I love my kids. My wife appreciates my work because I am progressing. “