Nollywood actress and singer, Pattsy Chizzy, is surprised at the way some ladies see and perceive her personality after she has endured numerous allegations thrown at her about her physic.

The actress is naturally endowed and sexy in her own right with all the natural endowment a woman should have but she was stunned when a close friend boldly asked her if she was a tomb boy.

She took no offense in the question but wondered why and how ladies will look at her and still assume she is a tomb boy.

 Not being able to swallow the allegations, she decided to clear the air by stating that she is not a tomb boy neither does she hate them as she believes that whatever lifestyle anyone chooses to live is their choice.

According to her, “Please I just want to ask this question, ‘Do I look like a tomb boy?’ Because I am confused when people keep asking me that questions and they are girls that ask me this question. Someone asked me directly are you a tomb boy, wow, there is nothing wrong with being a TB but its choices.”