Wait o, like seriously, there is strong competition among some Nigerian celebrities o, on child bearing these days.

Just early in the year, Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, gave birth to her third child without considering the second child who was not totally strong and her actions got many talking. Getting to her hearing, she explained to the world that they were just talking as she is planning on the forth one.

While many were still yet to come to terms with her child delivery ways, another celebrity has joined the race of rushing to have more children so she can enjoy her husband more and that is singer, omawumi Magbele.

The singer who just put to bed to her second child in July, 2015, is not taking things likely as her recent birthday celebration sold her out as she is currently pregnant with their third child. What is the rush for?

The singer turned a year older recently and she was well celebrated by friends and family members but what caught the attention of many was her protruding stomach which likely indicates that she is possibly pregnant again.

Let’s watch and see the next person that will be warming up for their own child bearing.