Mum of three and fitness enthusiast, Amara Kanu, took to Instagram to share that she had the desire to restore her breasts postpartum to their original round perky nature, and that she had contemplated having a plastic surgery to fulfill her quest a number of times.

Many mums find that, their breasts just aren’t ever the same after weaning their kids. According to Dr. Kelly Kasper, an OBGYN at Indiana University Health,

“The production of breast milk and increased breast size can cause the breast skin and tissue to stretch.

So after you finish breastfeeding, the breasts become less dense and you notice that your breasts have an empty, sagging, or flattened look and feel.”

In her Instagram Post that was inspired by another mum, @diaryofafitmomofficial, who recently had a procedure to remove her breast implants, Mrs. Kanu highlighted that she gave thought to the idea of breast implants at some point to feel fuller and firmer in her bossoms.


Read what she wrote below:

“#longpost My #wcw today is courageous,  I’ve been following this lady for over 5 years on Instagram.

Her growth and content on health, fitness, parenting and wellness have been remarkable. Safe to say I’ve been inspired by her honesty and willingness to share both positives and negatives in her journey.

Last week she decided to have an ex-plant (Breast implant removal). I’m so proud that she did so because it was affecting her health and ability to do things she loved. .

I know a lot of young fitness ladies who eventually lose part of their bosom to excessive training and or breastfeeding. They look to cosmetic breast surgery to feel fuller again. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t toyed with the idea of getting a breast lift once or twice before. �

My advice?: Plastic surgery is a very personal decision, therefore, do a thorough research before you get a boob job especially if you’re getting implants fitted.

Round perky boobs are admirable but if it messes with your health or you fit them wrongly via an inexperienced surgeon, then it’s no brainier to take them out.”