The president of Initiative of Concerned Nigeria Citizens for Progress, Mr. Okpegwa Ejiroghene, has said that his group is packaging a reality TV show titled, Niger-Delta Peace Sustenance.

According to him, the show is designed to engender peace in the region, while also rehabilitating and empowering the militant youths of the Niger Delta and the country at large.

Ejiroghene, a peace and social change crusader, said that ICNCP was a non-governmental organisation concerned with conflict management, youth empowerment and rehabilitation and acknowledgement of public integrity.

He said, “We were challenged by issues bothering over 150 million Nigerians. Our concern has to do with sustenance of peace, youth empowerment and rehabilitation after the amnesty granted by President Yar’Adua.”

Now that the repentant militants of the Niger Delta cry foul about the defective manner in which the amnesty initiative is being implemented, Ejiroghene said that his NGO had come to bridge the missing link in the interest of peace.

The ICNCP had earlier conducted a research within and outside the Niger Delta region on the subject of peace, youth empowerment and rehabilitation. The research, according to Ejiroghene, lasted more than six months. “The reality TV show hopes to put to an end to every form of strife. The project is expected to educate, re-orientate, reorganise and rehabilitate the aggrieved youths and help them to become noble citizens of our great nation,” he said.

In a bid to realise its objectives, the NGO is currently partnering with some repentant militants, governors of the Niger Delta, corporate and philanthropic individuals.