Popular Kannywood actress Fati SU: Did you notice that the just concluded Big brother Nigeria TV reality show did not have any northern celebrity contesting in the show? Well the reason for this has been revealed.

Popular Kannywood actress Fati SU has shared the reason why she and other celebrities cannot be allowed to partake in the show even though she is a huge fan.

According to the Hausa screen star, the main reason northern celebrities will not want to aspire to participate in the show includes how culture and religion play a major role in the lives of the people of Northern Nigeria.

When asked by the interviewer that “Would you want to be in Big Brother show?”

She said; “Yes and No! Yes, the winning is huge and will be good for anybody. I mean it will change one’s life once you win that big money. No, for the simple reason that things that housemates do, I cannot do it on a live TV.”

She was also asked “What exactly are the things you cannot do?”

“Hmmm, I cannot hug as they do in the show, the kissing and even the way they dress. It is not going to be funny, live on a TV show doing all that. My religion and culture will not take it lightly with me”.

She also added that if the participant could choose what they wear then she and her colleagues will give it a shot.

“What I want you to know is, the northern culture and religion stay side by side. It is not just about me being part of it; even if other people do it and I’m around them, I will not escape it. Remember what happened to Rahama Sadau in her Classiq musical video. It was like the sky will fall. So better for me to just watch and everyone among will say the same”.