Tonto Dike and Ruky Sanda are Nollywood actresses who have one or two things in common.

Dike may be highly controversial, but you cannot take away the fact that she is an A-list actress. She has got the talent and interprets her roles very well.

On the other hand, some people believe that Sanda cannot act very well. She has been in the movie industry for some time, but she is yet to make it as a top-class actress.

They, however, have one thing in common; these actresses do not fail to wow people at every event they attend. You must certainly give them a second glance no matter what.

Recently, at the wedding ceremony of one of their colleagues, the actresses were hot as usual.

As hot as they were, their dresses attracted some commendation as well as condemnation.

Some people felt they dressed as the stars that they are, while some others felt both actresses went to the extreme.

According to some people, Dike’s outfit would have been perfect for the club and not a wedding ceremony.

Sanda’s outfit, others said, would have been ideal for a costume party and not a wedding.

Sanda made matters worse by not taking care of her pedicure.

Of course, a lot of people noticed it and ‘yabbed’ her because of it.

In all, the actresses did not let the fun pass them by as they made sure they had a swell time.