Seun Egbegbe may have quarreled  with Toyin Aimakhu but at the moment they are still good friends with no romance attached to them again. As if that is not enough confession, he has made it known that he is comfortable with marrying two ladies. Can you guess who they are?


He denies affairs with actresses “There’s nothing special about our relationship. It’s the same way they like others in the industry, not only me. We’re all one big family. As they all love me, I love them as well. And it’s the same thing to everybody in the industry.”

He clarifies the issue “Yes, one thing I want you to believe is that most times, all these things are rumours. Not everything you heard people say about someone in the industry you should believe. There’s always addition or subtraction in whatever people say. If you rely on hearsay, one will be misled. I am not trying to shy away from the fact that if I see a lady I admire in the industry, I can make advances at her, if she likes me she may honour it and it she doesn’t, there’s no compulsion in that. And I don’t think anybody can arrest you for doing that. If I do anything, I stand by it, and if I don’t do it, I will tell you I don’t. So, I have no reason for hiding anything from you on that.”

He reveals “I have one wife abroad, a nurse and another one in Nigeria, she is a businesswoman.I have two children.” He added that he is not getting married to another wife”