With the big brother Nigeria show finally over, many housemates will now have the opportunity to re-unite with their girlfriends/ boyfriends if they so wish to do so.

The girlfriend of Tobi who is identified as Regina Giwa has shove off fight with Alex to keep her boyfriend Tobi.

Tobi got really attracted to Alex at the ending stage of the show after he had fallen in the early times to Cee-C.

A post by Eka Ekene who initiated this argument reads;

“I really can’t wait for the competition and fight between Alex and Regina to start. Thank God my King is out of that shit”

Regina Giwa who is a fitness trainer was one of the most and consistent campaigner of Tobi during his time in the house and she was able to pull out the highest number of voters for Tobi.

Responding to what Eka Ekene had issued, she is rather cool and not ready to fight anyone over Tobi saying women that has this mentality just lacks self-worth.

“I see things like this and laugh. Women who have this mentality lack self-worth. But know this: I am too POWERFUL to be anyone’s shadow.” Regina Giwa responded.