Popular OAP Toke Makinwa, has not been able to escape the axe of fans on social media as some still nurse some serious beefs against her personality.

The OAP recently shared a picture of herself and it got some set of fans talking with one going as qualifying her with a sickle cell patient.

Toke could not hold back her reply as she served the fan hot without allowing it get cold.
According to the fan, Ceelah, “Toke Makinwa, seriously I don’t do this but please you ain’t beautiful really. Your eyes are about to puff out. You look like a sickle cell patient. Reall, I like you, you slay but you ain’t pretty trust me. Thank God for make up.”

But Toke reply rather calls for attention as she wrote, “of everything you said, comparing me to a sickle cell patient is extremely low of you but then again I find you in my comment section spewing venom so it explains it. I mean, who raised you? “The sickle cell patient” you casually wrote is some peoples reality and it is real! People have died, you internet trolls need to chill out. It’s all fun and games till I exercise the block button. Keep your negative sickle cell comment to yourself, there is no humour in it.”