Cruelty against innocent lives is what this woman has committed and the mother or whoever gave the kids out is also guilty.

 Many are praying to God day and night to be blessed of the fruit of the womb, some would give billions if necessary just to have one.

But then this is just a story of someone with a cap without a head and someone with a head without a cap.

Why will a sane person all in the name of greediness, rent babies to beg for alms? And why will a normal human rent out her kids to be used for begging?

This is the main reason why many do not give beggars on the street money, as many of them are not worth it.

Recently, a woman was caught with twins whom she carries around as hers just to beg for alms. The Ministry of youths and development, arrested the middle-aged woman, Umoru Adiza, for allegedly renting a set of twin children to beg for alms.

Adiza was nabbed while using the twins believed to be less than two- years-old, to beg for alms at the Costain area of the state

The suspect first claimed her younger sister named Aminat was the biological mother of the babies. Confessed that she rents the children from their mother and pays per day whenever she uses them to beg.

After the news of Adiza been nabbed reach the biological mother of the kids, she has since fled her residence, probably out of fear of being arrested, no news have been heard of her ever since.