Speaking sincerely, I have nothing against the Hijab tradition. It is merely the covering of the head by women. Even the Bible advises our Christian women to also cover their heads.

Women in Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, ECWA, mention them, churches do that always. It is a tradition I respect. I have nothing against it.

My concern is the crass assault on our secularism. When the convention of an institution is nonreligious, let us play the game according to the rule. Let us not create a wrong precedence that could be extended to an unknown diameter such that innocent organisations would be destroyed.

If the hijab thing is allowed at the call to the bar, we should expect the traditional worshippers to also come there someday dressed with red skirt and cowries all over and chalks all over their bodies. We should one day expect the Christians to also wear their choir robes to the law school. This will not be healthy for us.

This reminds me of how Aregbesola destroyed the peace in Osun state. What is this thing about religion? Must we die for it? Must we pollute innocent organisations with religious sentiments? Haba!

The Muslim sister should remember that removing her hijab for a few hours to allow the convention of the legal profession take its course does not open the gates of hell for her. She was not the only Muslim lady there. Other hijab wearing Muslim sisters complied. Even the Catholic sisters, another addicted head coverers obeyed the law school convention, and they are not going to hell for their obedience.

I heard that a former Chief Justice of the federation and five of her lecturers went to plead with her to obey, yet she refused. This is not how to be a woman. I am sure this is not what the Koran says. I suspect she was acting out a script along the Taliban lines. Forgive me if I am wrong.

My baby is an addicted head coverer. If she was asked to remove her scarf in reverence of such occasion, she will. If she refused, I will go there to tell her to obey immediately. I can control my wife. She is reasonable. What is the value of our education when we can’t be reasonable? Why do we need to raise unnecessary dust over religion, thereby giving outsiders reasons to laugh at us, calling us a religious country that has nothing to show for it. Since we have been fighting over religion, what have we gained?

The last time I checked, Muslims say Islam is peace. If so, let us seek peace, walk and work towards it always. Don’t violate what Islam stands for.

I expect all Muslims of good conscience to see this matter objectively. What that lady did was WRONG. Stop giving Islam a bad name. Stop painting Islam as intolerant of secularism. Stop painting Islam as an ISIS, Taliban thing. That lady is not doing Islam any good. I stand to be corrected.