Big Brother Naija star, Alexandra Asogwa popularly known as Alex, has narrated depressing situations she had to go through, and why she had to pray that she dies at some point.

Alex narrated her story while speaking with Ndani TV yesterday.

She explained that after Double Wahala edition in 2018 ended, she went through depression and cried for a week.

She said she was seriously pressured by fans and enemies, who questioned her every move and compared her with other celebrities.

Alex said she was told at a point that she doesn’t laugh like a celebrity, and pressure from various things said about her after the show made her to slide into depression twice.

Alex said, ”I have had to deal with my depressing state twice after I left the reality show.

”The first one was when I came back from South Africa. I had plans of going to my aunt’s house from the airport. At the airport, they were keeping us somewhere with security, then I heard some people wanted to beat me and I was confused.

She said she was then taken to a room, and at least 10 people lied that they were her mum just because they wanted to see her.

”When my mum finally came, I laid on the floor and it was dramatic but no one understood what I was going through. When I was about to enter the car, my mum was trying to cover me and someone was pulling my hair, it was so hard. She said

Alex further opined that women handle it better than the men.