Click for Full Image Size Nollywood veteran actress,Patience Ozokwor popularly known as Mama G has once again scored another feat among her peers in the Nigerian Movie Industry as the renowned thespian has taken her craft to Hollywood.

The proud grandmother who seems to have all that one could wish for; a successful career,lovely daughters who has made her a proud grandmother and several awards from across the globe,is presently on set of a new Hollywood feature film titled “Turning Point” a production of Hekcentrik productions.

The movie which is produced and directed by Niyi Towolawi CEO of Hekcentrik productions and co-produced by Egor Efiok,CEO of 4EPR is set in NewYork and features Hollywood stars like Lauren London,Ernie Hudson,Todd Bridges,Cynda Williams,Joe Estevez and a crop of Nigerian and Ghanaian stars like Patience Ozokwor,Jackie Appiah,Enyinna Nwigwe,Igoni Archibong,Chelsea Eze and Ebbe Bassey.

The movie has a plot that bothers on the ethnic prejudice among various black communities and what they go through to survive such harsh conditions.

The filming which commenced in mid October in America also had the crew visiting Nigeria for some scenes that were shot in Nigeria.

This is the veteran actress debut international film and sources reveal the role is heavily rewarding,financially.

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Oi | 11/7/2011 5:06:23 AM
oooooo.. why Jackie Appiah now! this girl don spoil the movie
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why jackie
watzup | 11/7/2011 3:36:14 PM |
U dey crazeeeeeeeeee
Oi | 11/8/2011 12:36:09 AM |
One question please,,,,,
Lalaland | 11/8/2011 1:26:05 AM |
This so called debut in "Hollywood" that we are talking about here is it the REAL hollywood or some nigerian wey get camcorder and microphone say him dey do "movie"?!?! Nonsense!!!
Y jackie
Ammy | 11/13/2011 2:30:19 AM |
Wetin Jackie do u? U fit take her place?mschewwwww!
she's good
yemi | 11/20/2011 10:42:04 AM |
jackie is cool nw
Stephen'walter | 1/3/2012 4:27:25 PM |
jakie n patience best
viviwhite | 11/7/2011 5:38:04 AM
Abeg i thank God for jakie n patience they shld kip it up. I so much love d both of them.
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D same
Oly | 11/9/2011 11:27:08 AM |
Amd me too I luv dem
Action babe | 12/14/2011 1:33:27 AM |
Don't distrub dat beatiful girl,jealousy go kill u
Eny | 11/7/2011 6:30:01 AM
I so much like dis woman. I just want 2 be sucessful like her.
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My luv n mum
St blizz | 11/10/2011 11:00:09 AM |
I luv jakie n patience, i luv their focus i can't wait 2 watch dis movie.
David obodo | 12/25/2011 8:57:28 PM |
I truely luv both of dm nd i wil like 2 b lyk dm, by david chimaobi. A.K.A d.chima. luv al
anna | 11/7/2011 6:39:25 AM
dis is wat am talkn about,evrytn doesnt have to be geneviveve,
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lovely | 12/10/2011 1:15:30 AM |
if Genevieve is ur problem, kill urself. must u talk about her, if u want to be her fans secretly joint we will allow u and stop pretending to hate her. what brought her issues this?
richieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. | 11/7/2011 7:54:53 AM
This is a movie done by nigerians in america with a few foreighn actors. Its not nollywood. Hehehehe. Una no fit make me laff.
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MARIONA | 11/7/2011 10:11:02 AM |
You meant to say not Hollywood ?Then u must be laffing at ursef !
NDAH UBONG | 11/15/2011 3:44:57 PM |
sunkuto | 12/7/2011 4:38:21 PM |
why cant we africans be proud of ourselves and apreciate the good job of our fellow africans they are doing what all of you cannot do so pls shutup f**ls.
richieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. | 11/7/2011 7:55:04 AM
This is a movie done by nigerians in america with a few foreighn actors. Its so nollywood and not hollywood. Hehehehe. Una no fit make me laff.
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Not Hollywood Movie
BJChi | 11/7/2011 7:56:44 AM
Just because the movie is shot in the US doesn't make it a Hollywood move. Hollywood movies are released by one of the big Hollywood studios. All the other movies are called independent films/movies. This is another independent film and it sounds like it will be a good one. I would have liked to have seen Genevieve or Jim Iyke in it als. Best of luck to the cast and crew.
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Loraine | 11/7/2011 8:43:13 AM
Mama Africa wsh u all d best,cnt wait 2 buy dat Movie whn it cumz out anythng wth u iz da best.
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Hollywood? NO!, Nollywood? Yes
KB | 11/7/2011 10:38:42 AM
Soooo, what makes this a Hollywood movie?
Plus I can't stand Nollywood movies shot in America.
They don't depict anything about our culture(accept for the accent)
and they try to hard to be like the people here in the west. It's dumb.
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Dv Archi | 11/7/2011 11:17:17 AM
Believe it or not this shiet play is'nt gonna make sense watch and see you'll admit that I said it..............
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Lalaland | 11/8/2011 3:44:35 AM |
Abegi shat the fhuck up!
wahala | 11/7/2011 12:35:07 PM
god purnishe dat ur useless mouth you use to mention jenny,jelous s**t,go and make name 4 urself,not distroying people dat has clear there own way.lasy fooooool.
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Tired of the ignorance | 11/7/2011 4:19:32 PM
When someone actually transition to the real Hollywood please let us know. We are tired of the ignorance. You people only look s****d dubbing these movie Hollywood film when we all know that they are not. It's like to f*****h ones who went to France and talk about the were at the Cannes Film Festival. Please don't be so desperate, Hollywood can smell desperation from a million miles. They shun desperate people like these "celebrities" calling everything in the US, no wait in California "Hollywood. It's like calling Compton Hollywood. Ignorance abounds where desperation lives. STOP IT. PLEASE!!!!
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mre | 11/9/2011 12:54:53 AM |
simple english u no fit even speak--- wen sme1((transition)) keh... Mtcheww
Ib | 11/8/2011 6:48:19 AM
Am so happy for patience
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Pure | 11/8/2011 8:09:29 AM
I love u patience, keep it up.
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ok | 11/8/2011 8:17:35 AM
lets watch nd c wt d movie wil luk lyk
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Anyhow e be nawa own
Magnus | 11/8/2011 10:45:36 AM
Enyinna Nwigwe, i'm so happy to see ya name in dat list.
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Naija no dey carry LAST
Idachaba | 11/8/2011 11:17:10 PM
Y be say we too dey deceive ourselves, film wen dem shoot 4 yankee don bcome HOLYWOOD,and d one wen dem shoot 4 naija na NOLLYWOOD. Na wao,i jus dey LAFF!
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Nolywood news
Titi | 11/10/2011 7:36:09 AM
Idachaba Nollywood or hollywood how is it ur business,dont u know that it's only f**ls that laugh the way u just said.if is that easy y dont u act urs.
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Idachaba | 11/10/2011 12:49:24 PM |
Titi,its a pity u cant differentiate bw hollywood & nollywood. Congrats 4 having our 'stars' on hollywood movies.
Hollywood ke
kokosi | 11/11/2011 1:10:57 AM
lalaland, dat na nollywood home video shot in America n Nigeria then spiced wt a few gbere blacks wey dey take gbana for usa. who dash monkey motor.Hollywood ni Hollywood nor watch d yeye one wey Elliot shook for that side? e fit callam londonwood?
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Bad Belle pple
Eddy B | 11/11/2011 8:12:21 PM
All of u pple were de write against dz pple,wen r we going 2 write against u wey person de do una de condemn it.Be wise ANTI PROGRESS
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nollywood or hollwood
nancy | 11/12/2011 12:29:46 AM
nolly or holly, all are films there is no difference ok. So stop wastn ur tym talking one particular thing wartering urselves ova an ordinary mata.
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Nolly or Holly
Ewurum | 11/13/2011 8:12:20 AM
I beg my interest is in the ghananians because if u really want the movie 2 sell u have 2 use them they are more practical especially when it comes 2 being naked on stage
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On manner
Ivan | 11/13/2011 10:53:04 AM
Plz adjust
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G 4r general
Jessy | 11/23/2011 1:20:29 PM
I can't wait to watch dat movie
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i love
love | 11/29/2011 8:18:29 AM
i love patience.
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Hollywood movie abi?
Genevieve | 12/6/2011 2:54:01 AM
The fact that a movie is produced and directed in Hollywood does not make it a Hollywood production. However, it doesn't matter, what matters is that we are getting there. The African film industry is unique and should not be named Hollywood because Hollywood will never want to be Africa. Why should we not be proud of our own identity? This film na Nollywood movie, whether they cast am for US or Niger, its still an African matter.
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Marlee | 12/7/2011 9:08:54 PM
With all these silly websites, such a great page keeps my itnrenet hope alive.
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na wah hoo
fuh bertrand | 12/8/2011 3:25:31 AM
thanks for these another bold step weh awala don takam again.NA WAH HOO
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U 2 gud
Chantel | 12/13/2011 2:02:08 PM
I lyk d way dat woman called mama "G" d do make she carry go,we d her back.mama one day i wil lyk 2 meet u 2 say tankz 4 d way u dey do.
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hollywood movie
yusuf dalu | 12/16/2011 3:01:53 AM
she deserves the position, patience has been really patient for it! keep it up! we are following your footsteps mama...
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In what role?
James | 12/19/2011 5:52:05 AM
As a domestic help?
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Nolly or Hollywood
T. Thomas | 12/20/2011 1:23:12 PM
Most of us stopped watching 90% of Hollywood movies once Nollywood came of age a few years ago . Please keep our Nollywood strictly Nollywood . We don't want to start watching one actor hold a gun , ride a bike on top of every building in town and defeat the army of a whole nation alone . WE ARE TIRED OF HOLLYWOOD
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milly | 12/29/2011 3:05:32 AM
am happy for you patience.
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I no understand
James de cool twins | 1/27/2012 2:04:59 PM
I no understand wetin una de talk pls i beg make una explain for me.becouse i don't wana get lost abeg come to my aid make una no se no be aids i talk oooooooooohhhhhhhh.i de use dis kin language becouse i be true niger born pikin.una well don ooooooooooooohhhhhh.
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baby | 5/19/2013 2:35:19 AM
mama g u 2much
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