Click for Full Image Size In 2011,Dakore Egbuson’s wedding to Olumide Akande is one of the most costly weddings in Nigeria.

The beautiful nuptials shook the social scene to its foundation with the crème de la crème in the society as participants.

After over four years of romance between Dakore and Olumide Akande,son of billionaire tycoon,Dr. Harry Akande,the lovebirds solemnized their affair on the altar.

The dalliance weathered many storms and many believed it could not happen.

At a point,Olumide’s father was rumoured to have kicked against his son marrying an actress on the excuse that Nollywood stars marriages don’t last long.

However,love triumphed as they got married on Sunday,January 16,2011,at an elaborate ceremony at Guiding Light Assembly,Parkview,Ikoyi,Lagos.

That was after the engagement at a venue very close to the church.

Guests were later treated to a swell reception at KFA Events Centre,Lekki-Epe Expressway,Lagos.

Both Olumide and Dakore are now proud parents.

Checkout the picture of the happy family !
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charisma | 2/29/2012 11:50:43 PM
chei dis girl fine well well...congrats
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ADAURE | 3/1/2012 12:33:41 AM |
congrats una genes good u hit better jacpot
Lalaland | 3/1/2012 2:04:47 AM |
This is what I call true and solid married life!! Well done Dakore for putting your life in order...Good looking family and couple. God bless una well well o!xoxoxoxo
swt girl
hapiiiiiiiiii | 3/1/2012 2:47:40 AM |
sweet family n couple
Lalaland | 3/1/2012 11:29:45 AM |
You no talk your catch phrase "congrats"! Ah ah Wetin happen nah? Am just saying oooooooo no come bite me head off!!!
ADAURE | 3/1/2012 1:05:47 PM |
hahahahaha na true
Genny nxt inline
Aify | 3/1/2012 4:19:12 AM |
in d nxt two months watch out for Genny cos her's will be more meaningful than dis.then if u feel it wont happen u will nothing but die of BOKO HARAM BOMB.
anna | 3/1/2012 5:09:50 AM |
CHAI dakore i luv dis woman infact she's among d best actresses we have in 9ja.All of u are calling genny,uche and rita am seriously not insulting dem o but what dakore sacrificed to have a happy family none of dem can do dat infact dey are enjoying d limelight dat dey all have forgotten day are reaching menopause.When last did u see dakore at a red carpet event infact when last did dakore festure in any movie,she went away for lyk 2years.What is fame? u enjoy fame while it last while u enjoy a happy family forever!!! nonsense
charisma | 3/1/2012 5:38:01 AM |
hmmmm ... d last i saw her was et ini & emen's premier of " ILL TEK MY CHANCES" she graced d event n a creme champagne gown looking so fly lol
anna | 3/1/2012 5:42:43 AM |
Ehn na she don come out after 2 years of staying at home,she nor try.No be only d event wey she cum for after 2 years of staying with the family,she cum out within dat time lol i don talk my own
Lalaland | 3/1/2012 7:19:12 AM |
This can NOT happen to Genefhuckingve because she is old!!
2 Thumbs UP, Lala
Omo Oba | 3/1/2012 8:18:57 AM |
Tell them lala that you've got good comment in stock. Do they think you only pass negative comments? No, I know you well, well. You sabi pass better comments. Those who think say na so so yeye comments you dey pass, make dem com see New Year jackpot comment you pass about Dakore's family. This comment is going into achieve, gold printed. One of its kinds. A bi, this person no be true lala? Congrats, more grease to your elbow. Keep it up, even if na once in a blue moon. I am solidly behind you. You know se I like you and Lolo.
Omo Oba
real pinapple | 3/1/2012 9:10:50 AM |
Hahahahahahahahahaha i don laff tire make e no surprise you na lala make this comment, lala we go join hand de pray for your true repentance so dat we go de see more of this kind comments from you lolo,anna even charisma cos i see say she too don de tow una line small small, anyway lala my friend goodone to you smilling
Omo Oba & Pinapple
Lalaland | 3/1/2012 10:35:58 AM |
Lolo n Lala only write what we believe is true we are not kiss asses! Credit is given where credit is due! Simples!
anna | 3/1/2012 11:13:10 AM |
hahahahahahahah may of u here think say lala is bad or heartless but the truth of d matter is he says d truth.If he was a hater he would have said sumtn bad abt dis happy family who go see such family and comment bad.
Lalaland | 3/1/2012 11:26:28 AM |
Cheers dear....people think say me n lolo bad o we no wicked but na wickedness na dey find our troubles. I really like this dakore family. You can just see the tight bond in their family! See the love in picha 3! Hey me am jealous o! Make God bless me with a good wife o....cos the bible say he who finds a good wife....finds a good thing like mrs Akudo, omotola, pinapple and chiyoma (London)! Hope I quote am right sha! Hei I want a good sensible wife o!! *sigh*....
congrats on the baby
miala | 3/1/2012 10:02:27 AM |
I love this couple, they are very classy couple.
PUT YOUR LIFE IN ORDER | 3/3/2012 1:00:11 AM |

cutie | 3/1/2012 3:20:56 AM |
i adore this her personality
SMALL MADAM | 3/26/2012 1:28:19 AM |
Henny | 2/29/2012 11:55:39 PM
congratulations...............may God bless ur home.
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Mirabell | 6/18/2012 8:48:55 AM |
I luv dakore she`s de best actress
Tick | 3/1/2012 12:05:14 AM
It is thy lords doing, and dat's why it is marvelous. In our eyes!
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Senior | 3/1/2012 12:56:56 AM |
Congratulations to de both of you but baby looks like father check out the chicks,jare!
Annie | 3/1/2012 12:19:28 AM
congrats to u both....luv u Dakore
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hapy 4 u
diva | 3/1/2012 12:19:46 AM
??W????????? ????§ gene,uche jumbo,rita and d rest time ?? D?????????y una side again stop d f*****g around and settle down,dis men ll turn una 2 old mama soon.???? Ã? happy 4 U????? dakore pls kip him and b faithful d baby luks like ur hussy stay blessed.
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Senior | 3/1/2012 1:40:14 AM |
You have spoken well my dear. Tell them old cargos just sleeping around as if they are on romping competition.Genny,Rita,Jumbo,& co. just fuchking around as if the world is coming to an end tomorrow age age go catch up with you fast fast.
ini and mercy
princess | 3/1/2012 12:24:57 AM
Wats wrong wif U????? guys??????give ur husbands baby nah!!!!abi dose f*****g f*****g don shook d womb 2 much.?????? U????? dakore
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Suregirl | 3/1/2012 2:44:46 AM |
Relax Princess, I reliably gathered from a close source that their babies are on the way. They're both pregnant as we speak.
ooooo lovely one
someone somewhere | 3/1/2012 5:24:38 AM |
Yes ooooo yipee,ini and mercy will give birth to twins amen...GOD dey and GODs time is the best,dakore the cutie
even more
Blue Way | 3/1/2012 5:49:02 AM |
God may even give them more so that ghosts like lolo and lala will hug tranformer or better still jump into the atlantic ocean. Mercy and Ini are truly blessed. Dakore you are also blessed but dont mind that lalatrine cos he was abusing you before you married.
U be God abi
Tt | 3/1/2012 7:17:13 AM |
U go soon marry and somone wll tlk to u in tis manner oky
Suregirl | 3/1/2012 12:25:07 AM
What a beautiful family! May the Lord continue to abide with your family IJN
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Happy Married life
Mama tnt | 3/1/2012 12:54:00 AM
I'am happy 4 u 2.
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so good
real diva | 3/1/2012 1:08:32 AM
hapi family. comgrats dear u desearve d bst nd u gettin it
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Lovely kid
Nne | 3/1/2012 1:16:01 AM
Wow, lovely couple, d little princess look's like hs dad. Dagore tak gud care of ur family i trust u. May God protect and guard ur family.
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fine couple
busy | 3/1/2012 1:20:27 AM
Na wa o,??D?????????§ couple jst fine ??§? te i no kw who fine pass btw husband and wife,God com bless dem wiv 1daful pikin again.God i pray for gud life too ooo
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Donphiloman | 3/1/2012 2:30:03 AM
Congrat Babe!
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Kachi | 3/1/2012 2:35:01 AM
Congratulation,u look nice.
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I love u Dakore
Belle | 3/1/2012 2:53:14 AM
I just love Dakore, she is too much..........................God bless ur marriage and child.
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Lizzy | 3/2/2012 8:16:28 AM |
Wow! Indeed a 1daful family, uncountable gboza u couples
u need help
blesyn | 3/1/2012 2:56:50 AM
love you dear. you are the best+++ bless you sweet baby
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congrats darlin
Aify | 3/1/2012 3:22:24 AM
am so happy for u darling and dis is how Genny my luv will soon look,Genny dnt doubt me dis yr is your yr, u will marry a man more than Dakora'S
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Sweet dakore
Mirabell | 6/18/2012 9:42:02 AM |
Baby girl u too sweet and i de like ur swag
Blue Way | 3/1/2012 3:39:40 AM
congratulations to you both. so happy for you
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beauty | 3/1/2012 3:44:19 AM
Dakore did not steal the husband from any woman so GOd pleased their marriage immediately I am very happy for them I hope they keep loving each other until death do them apart in their old age. It is go to live an up right life. She did not break any home in other to marry him. So has set good examples to her fans and fellow stars.
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a Very beautiful couple
Ruth - Sierra Leone | 3/1/2012 3:51:51 AM
Congrats. You're a match and a very beautiful couple. A very beautiful daughter too. May God continue to be in your relationship for ever in Jesus' Name. Amen
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Am Loving It!
The Enforcer | 3/1/2012 4:06:40 AM
Fab pictures, beautiful family. May God continue to bind your family with love, peace, good health and prosperity.
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a blessed marriage
Blessing Asoro | 3/1/2012 4:24:46 AM
A big congration 2 u and i pray that d hand of God wil not depart from ur marriage, i'm jus a friend who loves 2 watch d movies u'r involved in.stay blessed.
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keep it up
tnna | 3/1/2012 4:29:17 AM
im happy to see such family with much love
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Go marry ur own
Sleek | 3/1/2012 4:37:17 AM
Most of you here talking should go and marry instead of all this prayers acting Luke you are good hearted. And if you are married good. I am sure some of the girls here are still searching fr mr right,and the only place you can find mr right or miss right is in the mortuary . Warning there is no such word as mr or miss right. To start with yourself being right is a straight road to mr or miss right. Advise y'all
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Cheny | 3/1/2012 11:23:08 PM |
Worthy advice sleek. i wish ya n evryone on ds forum al d best.
wow dakore
besly | 3/1/2012 5:07:15 AM
baby i love u so much.ur hussy is cute.i wish my family will be like urs one day.u are my idol i love everything about u and God bless ur family.
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O God wat a hapi home
Trendy Tina | 3/1/2012 7:21:51 AM
Dakore tis is wat u worked for and i knw u r an epitom of everytin a man could dream of in a woman.i knw u wll be a gud example despite wat pple said in the past about u.
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Dakore is blessed
NGOZI | 3/1/2012 8:31:54 AM
I like you a lot because of how you carried yourself with dignity while in Nollywood,no scandal of sleeping around with any politician, no scandal of sleeping around with colleague nor any body. You maintained a scandal free life and respected yourself and carried your self well because you come from a good and respectable home and no doubt you were raised well. At the end of it all, you ended up marrying the most desired man, Young, handsome, rich, educated and son of a millionaire, to top it all, you are blessed with a bouncing baby girl, that's God's reward to you. Thanks for not breaking another woman's home, nobody will break your own home, you will not experience sorrow in your marriage,whatever anyone sows, he will reap, if you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind. I will always tell my kids about you and to emulate your ways.You are indeed a role model. God bless you. Stay away from home breakers, be careful with people you associate with, stay away from spotlight, especially nollywood, a lot of husband snatchers are there, stay submissive and faithful to your husband, you'll see how God almighty will keep multiplying your blessings.
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Topsy | 3/1/2012 9:45:38 AM
Thank God for you Dakore u didn't break any woman's hrt to please urs like Some of ur colleagues did nd dat is the more reason y God wil continue to bless u nd ur family thumbs up for u, u started d good work. I luv u Dakore
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Miss her acting....
Leanie | 3/1/2012 10:41:07 AM
Love Dakore and I am happy that she found true love.. That baby looks like her papa ooohh... Congrats..!!!
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Shining star Dakore
bb | 3/1/2012 11:10:48 AM
Some stars shine brighter than others, it's God who gave you, enjoy your God given blessing. Good home, pretty, successful, successful good husband and now a child. God blesses whoever he wants and there's nothing anyone can do about it.She respected her self and maintained a particular class of her own, so I'm not surprised. Please dear stay away from bad friends,avoid the spotlight and avoid nollywood so as to keep your home. A lot of husband snatchers and attention seekers are there ,they're always competing and chasing after vanities and husband snatchers and divorce is the other of the day, just don't associate your self with nollywood, so as to avoid marital problems. Thank God almighty for bringing you to where you are now.. Your baby is cute, looks like her daddy.
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Dakore and husband with baby
Sweet | 3/1/2012 11:28:18 AM
Sweet, lovely family for real. And they seem so much in love. Good for them!
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U baba | 3/1/2012 11:03:52 PM
Beautiful, dakore, i hope u did not marry for money all de same u are beautiful.
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beautifull baby
gifted | 3/2/2012 9:50:08 AM
she is beautifully queen like her mummy
happy home! Dakore
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I.m soo hapi 4 u
Patieminaj | 3/3/2012 7:50:30 AM
Dakore ,pple always say i luk so much lyk u...i.m vry hapi 4 u and ur hussy,plz take care vry gud care of ur family & may GOD continue 2 bless u with more children..u na korect gurl jor.
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Stainless Dakore
Banga | 3/5/2012 5:28:41 AM
You are one of my favourites.Thanks for the family picture.You area Role Model any Good female should emulate.Your husband knows why he waited patiently for you till you said you were ready.I must commend your parents too you brought you up with fear of God.
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Love dont lie
Malex | 3/6/2012 9:11:40 PM
This is lovely.. May God bless you two... Enjoy
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coco | 3/7/2012 1:11:37 AM
wow! she is beautiful, she has her dad's eyes. i like her xoxoxo
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I'm so happy 4 u
Princess prisca | 3/8/2012 2:01:02 PM
Nna na waoo, this one come be like film, i pray say make my own be like this one ooh. God u 2much
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Adrian | 3/19/2012 8:07:10 PM
I am hoping this one is scatoff-ables, would be a bonus! I mean, since most of the Queen Blade's series from Alpha-Omega is, surely they won't miss this one out heh
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kathy | 3/26/2012 6:02:15 AM
I pray it last. Nothing will coming between the two of you IJN. Show the world that u can.
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Unique actress
Omolola | 3/30/2012 9:41:43 AM
You made a very big difference in the industry, i like your decision and i pray God continualy help you and bless your home.
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mMCt6F Thanks again for the article post.Much thanks again. Will read on...
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prince john | 5/4/2012 8:08:09 PM
am happy for u dear
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You're blessed
Abynah | 6/14/2012 10:43:57 AM
I'm proud of you God be with you dear
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Article Submission | 7/9/2012 8:05:16 PM
6SGxJW A big thank you for your post.Much thanks again.
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This is lovely
Chisom | 3/13/2013 6:27:29 AM
This is lovely family,i love you Dakore,you are beautiful
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U are too much
Glory | 9/19/2013 11:12:56 AM
Dakore u are too much, pretty, sexy and angelic woman, u will be favoured among pearls and bless among women
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