TB Joshua and Kingson’s wife (2)

Story by Gabriel Agbo/Nigeriafilms.com
Last Updated: Sunday, October 21, 2012

Before we examine the practices that could make a minister or a ministry fake, let’s first see some of the things that have kept the ministries of TB Joshua and Chris Oyakhilome estranged from other Christians, and also make many to believe that they are fake.

The first is the miracles. Most people (believers and unbelievers) do not believe that the miracles often televised by these ministries are real. They believe they are ‘arranged’ or the healings and testimonies are mostly unverifiable. And this lends credence to what Agomoh and Bisi (TB’s former confidants) are saying - that the so-called miracles done in Joshua’s synagogue are fake.

Agomoh said he was part of the team that often arranged or manipulated people to confess of healings and miracles that never took place. He mentioned people who stay in the wheel chairs pretending to be disabled that would later claim they have been healed and that so many with incurable diseases like HIV, cancer, etc, whom the prophet claim heal, actually go home to die.

TB’s former Ghanaian associate - Nii Ayiku Amartey also said the same thing. Listen to him, “TB Joshua came to deceive Ghanaians with manipulated miracles involving 20 Ghanaians who are all now dead.

Kayode of Awakener's chapel and Michael Lathbridge were part of this great deception of Ghanaians and must tell Ghanaians of their part in this crime against the people of Ghana.” Twenty Ghanaians whom Joshua claimed he healed died! Well, Nii should know better because he was an insider.

But this is just a small percentage of the thousands whom we are told die after being manipulated to confess that they have been healed.

The other thing is that these ministries tend to promote their founders, their self-acclaimed spiritual powers, signs, miracles, prophecies over the person Jesus Christ and the gospel. Please, there is nothing wrong with signs and wonders so long they are genuine and done to magnify the LORD Jesus. But these ministries through their powerful and well-equipped media do everything to show how great and powerful their owners are.

Bisi, the former head of TB’s media team elaborated more on this. I still ask why Joshua didn’t take the duo to court for defamation if they are lying, because the revelations in that video are very shocking and unbelievable. Again, sometime ago, I watched Joshua’s prophecy on the Australian Air Ambulance that overshot the tarmac and landed in the sea. It was indeed a perfect material for them. They flaunted it. It was very clear that the whole thing was done to show how powerful the man is. I didn’t see how God, Jesus or the Spirit of God came into the picture. It was all praise to the Great Prophet!

Now, should all these be done in a genuine Christian ministry? Who do you want to please by showing off miracles and signs? And must they be arranged and unverifiable?? What is the aim? And miracles be done with other powers? Can Satan, sorcerers, magicians also perform signs and wonders? Is miracle a sure-proof that a minister is of God? What is the original aim of God initiating the working of Miracles? But can we touch all these here? I doubt. Maybe we will start from the last.

God’s original purpose of initiating miracles and signs is to show His power and sovereignty over nature and the affairs of men. Signs are to convince men that God exists and that His is in control of the universe. Signs are meant to be used to propagate the gospel. They should point or lead people to Jesus Christ and not to the preacher, prophet or pastor.

Anything short of this is definitely satanic. What we see today, especially in these two ministries (and others like them) is like a showbiz or promotion of the persons. They want people to see how anointed, how powerful and great they are. Or tell me why a deliverance session should be televised to the whole world to watch? Now, compare this attitude with Jesus’, who will heal people and tell them not to tell anyone. Today, they even go ahead of the person to tell the world!

Now, let me quickly add that it is not only God that does signs and wonders. Satan and his agents also do. But the word of God called theirs lying signs and wonders. Yes! Listen to 2 Thessalonians 2:9-10, “This evil man will come to do the work of Satan with counterfeit power and signs and miracles. He will use every kind of wicked deception to fool those who are on their way to destruction because they refuse to believe the truth that would save them.” That is the word of God! The book of Revelation said the same thing. The Devil and his agents will do very great signs, miracles, wonders, prophesies, especially in these last days, but their ultimate aim will be to deceive and divert people’s attention from Jesus, holiness and the true gospel.

So just miracles, signs, charity, etc, are not enough to authenticate a ministry or a minister. Satan can also do all of those to deceive people, so says the scriptures. There are so many fake ministries and ministries in the world today and more are coming. Though, some of them did not start out as fake, but unfortunately because of the love of power, money, fame, the glory of the world and influence, they bowed to Satan and are now working for him.

They still bear Christian names, act as Christian organisations with great signs, miracles, wonders, prophesies, etc, but they actually got their powers from the Devil. We will soon talk about charity and good works in the next part. I know you’re itching to hear that. But how do we know the real and genuine ones?? Yes you can know. We will continue next week, God bless!

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TB Joshua and Kingson’s Wife (1)

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10/20/2012 3:13:13 PM
Only ??? knws who serve him.
u urself is fake
10/20/2012 3:45:16 PM
pls dah bible said judge not dat u may not be judged. Y speak evil of others. devil can nt fight devil. Even wen christ was doin nd performin miracles people never belivd him, they said he uses dah power of devil. Y then do we think people we beliv T.B. Pls mind ur bussines nd leave T:B 2 GOd. If hhe is nt 4m God, he must fall wit tym
i ha
10/20/2012 3:48:02 PM
i now hate dis blog.
That writer is a bloody devil
10/20/2012 4:51:58 PM
Mr Writer, or whatever r*****h you call yourself in the name of journalism, I can see from your s****d write up that you are Satan's agent, and the devil that is possessing you is the demon of hatred and jealousy against Prophet T b Joshua, because he is using God's power to disturb your demonic plans. What wrong has Tb Joshua done to you, he does not even know you and yet you go about trying to blackmail him and instigate hatred against him over the media and internet, all in the name of journalism. If this is what journalism means for you, then you are an absolute disgrace to journalism, and should be dismissed from your job. If you don't believe in Tb Joshua, fine, keep it to yourself, why go about trying to inspire hatred against him; are you his God and judge? You guys have been posting this r*****h for a while now, but what do you gain from it, nothing but curses upon your live. Listen, I believe in Tb Joshua and the God he serves, and haters like you can't stop people like me...you can only deceive gullible people who don't know God. Like Tb Joshua, I believe in, and covered by, the PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.
10/20/2012 7:00:36 PM
The man remain the best in the world.U ppl just want to tanish his image but it ll never work in Jesus name.
T.B Josua is a real man of GOD
1/15/2013 5:17:50 AM
T.B. Josua is a real man of GOD, I'm a Namibian and have visited the SCOAN and a miracle has been done in in my live and that of my family. After deliverance we must strive to be the followers of Jesus Christ and not just go for mirracles and come back to leave in sin. After deliverance we must sin no more and you will see how GOD will do wonders in your life.
10/20/2012 8:38:44 PM
my eyes fell asleep after the first paragraph and my brain didn't know it until the second paragraph. What does it say about Kingston? Can someone tell me in 5 words or less. Thanks
My own healing sch xperience
10/20/2012 9:39:57 PM
I took part in d healing school of chris cos of fibroids. While there, we were taught that d final day wen chris wld come dat immediately he ministers to us we shld SHOUT AM HEALED!- wether we feel anychanges or not & testify. It was aired live around d world but b4 d service commenced, my fellow pple who had been at d h.s (were sick but physically ok like me) wer tld to enter wheelchairs, mattrasses then wen chris gets to them they stand up shouting am healed. Wen watching u wld think they were paralyzed pple recieving healing. It was d greatest deciet ever!
My own healing school xperience
10/20/2012 9:56:47 PM
after wasting 3 wks in d healing school (H.S)& wasting money on hotel bills i am scheduled 4 surgery to remove dsame fibroid i shouted AM HEALED & I TESTIFIED ABOUT. There were so many pple at d H.Si knew who went back home sick. Personally, my cousin's mother in law had diabetis after H.S died of it. My younger sister blind in one eye after H.S still blind. My friend limps badly after H.S still limps. A friend /worker in chris church had fibroid went to H.S no changes so recently she went 4 surgery had 57 fibroids out. D worst part is all dis pple shouted AM HEALED ON TV YET WENT HOME WORSE
A few questons
10/20/2012 10:40:15 PM
You went to the HS for fibroid and was asked to to be tied to a wheelchair and u didn't see it as suspcious? U left the venue with your problem intact and your relative even died after testifying on live tv and you still had the mind to be quiet, waiting for this nonsense write up to state your case with the pastor? How many people do you think will believe your story? My dear, to prove that Man of God as a fake, get us the tape of that episode u featured claiming u were healed and stop concuring to defamatory write-ups by jobless indivduals. I may not know who's a real or fake pastor but I can never subscribe to people making unconfirmable comments against 'God's annointed'. Get your facts with proof and then you can boldly write without condemnation.
10/21/2012 3:14:29 AM
Bin Laden's death tape didn't need to be exposed for us to acknowledge his death and why do you think that this fellow has not been talking about his experience until now? Let me tell you the truth you still will not believe even if you see a tape and anyone could have accepted to sit on a wheel chair if they were in that fellow's shoes.
The Truth is always Secret.
10/20/2012 10:27:33 PM
Thats is to mean that we are no longer safe with all these Ministries? When all are filled with cheats & lies, Its terrible, whom are we to believe, The Churchras, the oversears, the congregations, those properganders or the belivers????????????????????????.
Everday you see Evilpeople calling thier fellow human beings unbeliver 4 the sake of being brain washed & money making spirit in them, Evil!.
May God Almighty help us to survive the endtingtime through his only son Jesus Christ our Lord, AMEN !! & AMEN !!!
Judge not
10/21/2012 3:27:57 AM
This guy is only talking from hear say, always get the fact of ur story before going to the press. only God have the right to judge.
how is if posible
10/21/2012 5:10:16 AM
How is it posible the TB joshusa is a fake is batter that people should konw what they say nd talk about,weather he is fake or Rael let live that to God to juhge
My healing school xperience
10/21/2012 5:31:50 AM
I said pple witout deformity were put on wheel chairs & mattrasses. D deciet is wen u c them stand up u think they were miraculously healed. I was nt put on a wheel chair! at d h.s on day of ministration on Live TV we were thouroughly searched cameras were not allowed.
10/21/2012 5:48:49 AM
Years ago, a popular gospel singer in PH CITY who moves around in wheelchair said during NIGHT OF BLISS she said a physically able woman came close to her brought a wheel chair sat on it & during d service she shouted AM HEALED STOOD UP WENT TO D STAGE TESTIFIED B4 MILLIONS PRESENT while she d real paralyzed person still moves around same way. D deception is too much.
Read your bible
11/13/2012 9:41:25 PM
People fall into Satanic traps because they don't read their bible thoroughly and compare chapters against chapters, verses against verses to fully grasp the meaning of a particular statement, word or event.If you read your bible yourself instead of those deceiving tracts they distribute, God will reveal to you his true house of worship. People are not patient and very desperate for signs and wonders and by consequence, the become easy prey to Satan and his agents parading as pastors
Be wise
10/21/2012 5:52:43 AM
Please allow the man of God to do his work, it is written "he that"s not against us is for us" Luke 9. 49 - 50
10/21/2012 12:56:57 PM
Plz get a life and leave these 2 Great Men of God alone. remember "touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm"...
Only God knws
10/21/2012 1:36:41 PM
Only God knws the truth even whn Jesus Christ was performing miracles he was still beening doubt. The bible said that he Jesus marvel at their unbelieve. So only God knws who is who i cn not judge them many hv become born again because of these men of God wht do u think they will do if they read and believe this article they will go mak d way their were eg Tonto Dike said she stop smoking after she watch TB Joshua on TV. God will hold u responsible if u make him God lose the soul because of this ur articul. Let God do his work and expose them if they are fake God did nt ask u to do it for him. Jesus said that any tree that is not planted by my father shall be uproot. God cn uproot them if they are fake. A word is enough for the wise leave the men of God alone.
Re; Only God knows
10/21/2012 11:55:21 PM
God has given us wisdom,so i think its upto us to decide if we want to be gullible or worship God outright. The editor only talked about these two but i think 99% of these so called "great men of God" dont really practice wot they preach. They only enrich their pocket and back themselves up with the bible. Let God judge but still doesnt mean i shldnt read the bible and follow my instinct. Y shld i attend a church wit pastor who has 4 jets in a country like Nigeria? I think its simple reasoning. For Bisola and Agomoh, I think they r normal Nigerian seeking for attention and shld be arrested and tried in court for what they confessed and if Joshua is also found guilty then he shld go to jail.
do not judge
10/22/2012 1:56:36 AM
i don't think it is right for anyone to say all these things about a man of God. be careful, of what you are feeding the people of God with. God says touch not my anointed. The fact that he did not sue these guys for defamation of character does not mean that he is guilt but he knows that God will vindicate him against his adversaries let people judge for themselves. Has God told you to be his mouthpiece? mind you, you are just writing on what people are telling you and i guess if you go there by you will get the right information. be careful, Aaron and Miriam were punished for talking about Moses. do not put yourself in danger just because you want to make money by publishing these articles. i personally do not know this man but i will not say anything against him. let God be the judge
Do not allow anyone deceive u
10/22/2012 3:53:15 AM
The tyms we are in calls 4 sober reflection, one being watchful n careful. Even d Bible says dt many will be decieved even d Elect. i will not be surprised when people run after signs, miracles n wonders. this generation dont study the word of God,finds it vry difficult prayin to seek the mind of God. lets read 2Tim 2:15 u will find a revealing truth dia.
am not carried away by their signs, miracle n wonders. as a matter of fact, i choose the things i watch n listen to. so lets be wise and ask God 4 direction. give our lives to Him and all this signs n miracles will follow us n not we running after them. Matt 6:33.
you have failed
10/22/2012 3:55:22 AM
firstly, who made you a judge over these men?, if you dont believe in miracles, doesnt mean u should make the whole think miracles are not real. i am a living testimony of the wonders of God thru his healing power, and many others who have faith are still receiving theirs. as christians, i think we should not allow the Devil to take over the world thru the use of internet, thats why these ministries are taking the divine presence of God to the nations of the world. the more u criticise, the bigger they become.
mr writer(lana or TT?)
10/22/2012 7:05:15 AM
Yes o, Liar, Liar,ur second write up is just plain boring lies o. are u even a christain? wont be wasting my time o.... with ur unsupported fact .who should know better we who have been there or u jealous peolple who have never been there? Ha! i say it again decieve the innocent ones..... until u or ur so called fathers show us in fact (like go to the church to deliver the man of God there) you are just wasting ur time. remember again touch not my annointed and do my prophets no harm!..................
fake jonarlist
10/22/2012 8:53:55 AM
u fake writer how much where u paid to tarnish d image of prophet TB. Who are u to condenm him?tell me are u rightous?what have u done for GOD? if TB leave dat Gods work for u will u do it?why are u beefing him?why are trying so hard to poison peoples mind againt him? Are u sent frm d pit of hell? Are u sleeping with d so called bisi who was feeding u with dat fat lairs? Ur d most wicked person on earth for doing dis. Why do u choose prophet TB as an object of redicule? Trust me u will end up in dat church asking him for forgiveness. U dont know tomorrow.
TB Joshua knows the healer
Nyitse Emmanuel
11/25/2012 1:32:11 PM
GOD go bless u ma brada
mr journalist ur occult kingom
ur propaganda wil not work
10/22/2012 12:43:43 PM
Jesus told the leper, u are healed sin no more or worst thing wil happen to u. Tb joshua healed a man from u.k of hiv and warn him not to sin again or else worst thing wil happen.this man after he went 4 test and discovered he was hiv negative,he went back into his old life and he became positive again.whose fault is it? Jesus the healer or the man? Dont blasphem against God annointed one bcos if u are healed against any ailment, ur own role is to sin no more.
tb joshua was sent by Jesus
check the book of isaiah
10/22/2012 1:02:52 PM
No fake prophet can say there wil be flood tomorrow and it wil happen.any acurate prophesy is from God.No fake prophet can tell u what wil happen 2morrw, how it wil happen and what time it wil happen.finally, no fake prophet can tell u exactly the dream u had last night.tb joshua who is from Jesus is always acurate in his prophesy.
God will respond those liars
10/22/2012 7:30:00 PM
I think all of us will one day die and go to Father in heaven. But we should also not deform the image of those who work for God. Let us be careful for what we see on the internet.
10/22/2012 10:44:33 PM
Can some tell me the truth.do u see any 1u knw well a crippl or blind be healed.go to Church of Christ or Jehova witness u will knw wot de bible teachs.
Princess Glory
10/31/2012 3:26:06 PM
Why all dis nw? Are u all God? Why dnt u leave Judgement 2 God? The bible says math.7vs1 Do not judge so dat u too wil nt be judged.pls leave Gosips n face ur life,make ur path clear so dat u dat tinks u r real wil go 2 heaven,n leave TB JOSHUA 4 God pls.
who are u to judge
11/2/2012 2:27:08 AM
I am healed
why now....?
Onye nke chukwu.
11/6/2012 1:32:58 PM
If he is a white man he will be man of God. Thia man apart from the miracle God is doing through him. I love his humanitarin life style joor..
Judge not my broda
11/7/2012 3:47:23 AM
Firstly as a christian we need a direction.....we need d holyspirit,jesus told d disciples suld wait 4 d coming of d comforter.......4 dis d lord wil use 2 speak 2 dem........without u wil end up mis-judging.......paul and apostle lyk hv it.........moses also disobey God but God 4give and take him 2 heaven.......plz as a broda u don't hv diz.......but u are judging or duz d lord jesus ask u 2 help him.......God 4give uz all......as 4 d lord iz my healer......and no church can save except christ.....plz make sure wen u get hm u read ur bible plz 2 hv a beta understanding.....though i don't attend his church but watch him live in tv.........God b wit u mr journalist.......!
TB Joshua knows the healern
Nyitse Emmanuel
11/25/2012 1:17:37 PM
Our arguements, lies,doubts,judgements,criticisms, can not change the will of GOD neither can it save us nor increase our faith in GOD. the truth is we do not love GOD bcos if we do,we will understand that joshua is a blessing to our generation. may GOD open our eyes to see the light amen.
11/27/2012 6:35:49 AM
to feed my sheep. But sheep feed their shepherds, and give it wilglnily. They give their heart, souls and dedication and even offer their children to the church only to find scandals. They have voted for their kings to serve on earth, when the Father has given them The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, (Jesus Christ, the perfect Lamb). Jesus said to follow Him and pick up your cross. But today, men follow men and they drop their cross because it's too heavy.Trustfully, I haven't forgotten about this sodomy scandal. Money doesn't bring back the normal lives people's souls were deceived and snatched to hell. Wake up Children of God. God give wisdom and knowledge with clear understanding and only the Holy Spirit can baptize you by the Spirit, who can teaches you all truth. These men are human being, imperfect, unstable with their ways, word, and actions and untrustworthy. I sob and grieve, with painful tears, like the death of my brothers and sisters, who can't think for themselves that they return to what they were used to. During Moses days, many have stayed behind because they were helped by the churches and felt obligated to stay despite of the sins exposed. This is call captivity, a slave mentality. There are many babies, toddlers, men, women, and the elders that have fallen into the quick sand of Egypt. God have reveal and expose the hidden sins in the churches and people begin to doubt. Please wake up my brothers and sisters, God wants us to forgive but forget not your pain of betrayal these men, who have affected you and your children's lives. Follow Christ and worship, and praise Him only. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. S.J.
God knows
Eke A.
12/17/2012 6:22:42 PM
I have experienced God and my submission is :
if they be fake He shall expose them.
Just give ur life to christ and be bornagain.
Ha Ha
1/6/2013 12:24:34 PM
Oh poor poor you what ever it is you're just trying to insult Jesus and not TB Joshua. Because the healer is Jesus Christ the prophet is just an instrument used by the Holly Spirit.What Prophet TB Joshua and Pastor Chris have is faith in their Saviour Jesus Christ and The Word of God that is all. The fact is most of the negative comments in here came from none Christians and they aren't against the men of God but Jesus Himself. Careful guys don't be mislead by non-Christians comments. I say again they are NONE CHRISTIANS. And the writer hmmmmmmmmm I won't say anything whether you're a christian or not know something you are NOTHING infront of JESUS CHRIST. And I am neither emotional nor angry i just see your attempt is in vain. May God forgive you.
the truth is JESUS IS loves u
he le
2/14/2013 11:42:26 AM
the truth is jesus loves all of us
TB Joshua
2/21/2013 8:25:59 AM
TB Joshua is a true man of God
Jesus loves u
3/23/2013 9:23:49 AM
People perish bcz of lack of wisdom.whether Tb joshua is nt of God or whatever what i know is a servant of th most High God whthr u like or nt by th way u need to be bornagain 4ur eyes to be open cz u r blind to discern spiritual things.u need deliverance
Jesus loves u
3/23/2013 9:28:08 AM
U need to be bornagain.Tb joshua is a servant of God whthr u like or nt
Jesus loves u
3/23/2013 9:30:19 AM
U need to be born again

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