Toke Makinwa Returns To Old Flames, Talks About Her Courtship Of 11 Years.
Story by Babajide Ogunbumi/
Click for Full Image Size Toke Makinwa, the beautiful on air personality in a recent chat disclosed her love affair of 11 years with Maje Ayida. Before now, Toke once said she would never go back into the relationship again but today, the reverse is the case.

Toke and Maje, having dated for 11 years are yet to solidify the relationship; though, there was a break, notwithstanding, a marriage of 11 years is no joke.

The amiable On Air Personality, Toke Makinwa recently disclosed about her beau, “Yes, we are back together... He’s a great guy. I never get to appreciate him as much as I want to and I look at my life and I look at where I am today and even the bad stuff we went through and the craziness we went though. It helped to shape me into the woman that I am today. We’ve been together for about 11 years."

Toke, has revealed how she got her beau back after several months of separation, she said a lot about how she has done so many crazy things before realising she may not get a good guy like him and she has to make restitution with him.

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tie the knot now
bby g | 3/12/2013 2:05:47 AM
couples, there can never be a relationship w'out ups & down, 11 yrs is not 11 days, u've known everything lil thing u wld want to know, so pls, i advice u guys to tie the knot now, why waste time again? u can make it, if u had been 2gether for 11 yrs notwithstanx all the odds then what will be new? move on and be a great couple like JAY-Z & BEYONCE.Putting God almighty first in everything.
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bby g | 3/12/2013 2:15:01 AM
MAJE, wat are u waitng for to do the proposal? oh, so u want Toke to do it in ur place?look at a very beautiful lady to stay with u for long & u blag with it when most ladies outhere can hardly sit their buttocks on one sit.
com'on stand up as an ideal man and do the right thing, there can be no better woman like the one u have.MAY BE THE REASON FOR THE LIL BREAK-UP WAS COS U HAD MADE NO MOVE, SO NOW DAT U'RE BACK AGAIN, IT SHLD BE FOR GOOD BY U PROPOSING & TIEING THE KNOT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE .BEST OF LUCK.
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Apple | 3/12/2013 2:41:58 AM
Nah wao! 11 years and no marriage?..hmm..
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adeshewa | 3/12/2013 6:09:08 AM
u don try nd what are you waiting for
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s****d LOVE
WHO CARES | 3/12/2013 9:35:26 AM
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lea | 3/12/2013 11:46:44 AM
Its amazing how some women sell themselves short..See why its good to know your worth?what man out there keeps a woman he is sure is the one for him to wait 11 years?and she is not too young free milk why should he buy the cow..think and say he is the best all you want,it wont change anything for 11 mores years if he doesnt think the same about you.He is waiting till he meet the bone of his bone,see he will marry her in 6 months.When a man is sure it doesnt take him longer than a year jus so u know.Sit there,he will break up again when u are 40 something then i will see what you will do.Shine ur eyes!!!
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Na me biko | 3/13/2013 6:19:35 AM
After 11 years you still returned back as a friend. You will soon realize he's using you and he has a wife and children somewhere. Be wise now or else your heart breaking will be difficult to mend. A word is enough for the wise
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Shine ur eyes
Lady | 3/13/2013 8:21:51 AM
11 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!, wao dtz alot, baby abeg shine ur eyes well, well ooo, u dnt ave a future wit dis guy, why not leave him and move on wit ur life, leave him and i bet u in less than 2 months someone will definitely come for u, the ealier the better, pls be wise
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em | 3/13/2013 1:53:50 PM
Nawa o
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I luv dis bad sharp guy
Existance | 3/16/2013 6:03:00 AM
11 years no marriage na wow 4 dis people o girl make i advice u d guy no luv u at all.
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Run Girl!!!
black coffee | 3/18/2013 12:54:59 PM
i say move on unless he proposes. r*****h! hgow can you be with a man for 11yrs, sleeping with each other, possible abortions, no propsals. girl u better walk and dont look back, before age starts showing on you.
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