Should Pastors Re-Marry After Divorce? See What Pastor Igbodalo Who Remarried Said

Story by Bimpe Ade
Last Updated: Sunday, May 5, 2013

Should Pastors Re-Marry After Divorce? See What Pastor Igbodalo Who Remarried Said

It was a very big issue some years back after Pastor Ituah Ighodalo separated from his first wife and wanted to get married to a beautiful lady. we observed that it was the same issue that made him to leave the Redeemed Christian Church of God, as the church couldn't allow such act.

But is it right or wrong for a man, especially a pastor, to do this? See his position below...

Your wife is stunning. How many years have you been married now?

I got married 2007, so, it is barely six years.

How has married life been to you?

We thank God. It’s been very nice. Very wonderful. I have a very understanding wife. I believe she loves me very much. She’s simple. She’s easy to get along with, and we are very good friends. So, I’m quite happy to be honest.

What attracted you to your wife? How did you know she was the one?

Her simplicity. She’s an attractive person, but then when we got talking, I found her to be simple, down to earth, sincere and willing to accept me for what I was and not what she thought I was. And we got on very well and I had this desire even if I didn’t marry her to look after her; to protect her, to guide her, and to direct her. I had this desire just to take care of her. I just felt that somehow, God had brought her into my life to look after, so I told her that: look even if nothing happens, I will look after you. And I think I’ve kept faithful to that commitment because I do look after her.

You famously left Redeemed shortly after you got married. A lot of people wanted you to end your marriage and remain a Redeemed pastor. Why didn’t you just go with the general consensus and stay in Redeemed?

I didn’t think what they desired for me was right. I knew what I was doing when I got married. I received, or I thought I received the support of the church when I got married. And therefore, the solution to that situation was not ending the marriage. There were too many things involved, besides I love my wife, and I was getting on very well with her so why should I end a good thing. So, it’s not denomination, its about serving God, and I knew that I could still serve God in a lot of different capacities and I was determined to continue serving God. So, if you can’t serve God in Jerusalem, you can serve God in Damascus. If you can’t serve God in London, you can serve him in Lagos. So I just kept serving God, and I’m still serving God.

What do you think about a pastor remarrying after your experience?

There are different situations and circumstances clearly the bible says, and I believe that God hates divorce mainly to protect the women, so that men will not just be careless about this business of marriage. So God hates it. Again marriage is a symbol of Christ and the Church, but then there are different circumstances. The bible also says if an unbelieving wife or husband leaves their spouse then the other spouse is free. And more than divorce and separation, God also hates adultery and fornication, and therefore if you are not able to hold yourself, God will rather you marry than continue in adultery and fornication, and just really putting the name of God to shame. So we need to look at every circumstance in context.

So, if a person came to me now and said they wanted to leave their wife or husband, I will really work hard to preserve that marriage. Also, there are some circumstances where there is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage for whatever reason, and if that happens, you have to move to the next stage. Sometimes, God comes with mercy and forgiveness because he understands circumstances. The key is to follow God and obey him, and do what you think he has asked you to do.

You and Pastor Adeboye are related right? It must have been difficult for him to see you go through all that criticism, and ultimately leave Redeemed.

You are right. We are related yes. He and my mother come from the same ancestral stock. I cannot say for certain that there is a blood relationship as it were. But my mother and him come from the same ancestral stock. For instance, he taught and lived in my grandmother’s house when he finished university so there’s some blood line there somewhere. That’s the relationship. Well when you see him, you have to ask him about that.

Recently there were rumours about trouble in your marriage on the internet. What do you have to say to clear these rumours, and give some clarity?

Yes there were rumours but there is no problem at all in my marriage. It’s just unfortunate that some people decided to go out of their way to create something that was not, but my wife and I are happy. If you go to my house now, you’ll see her there.

A lot of women wanted to marry you when you were single in Christ Church. There are rumours of women basically harassing you, so have they relented now that you are happily married?

The harassment didn’t stop ironically. It’s just reduced considerably in that while a lot of people were bold and verbal when I was single ,they are bit more subtle and stylish now, but you can still see and feel. Well, God helped me lets put it that way. Some women are very bold these days. Honestly.

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too bad how can a pastor divrc
5/5/2013 3:58:22 AM
its a sin for u live live your wife the bible said it so go ask for mercy
Sexy, you're wrong
5/5/2013 4:32:41 AM
It's not a sin when THE UNBELIEVING SPOUSE LEAVES (ABANDONS) A MARRIAGE. His wife left him! Please read your scripture well.
long hissss
5/5/2013 8:58:28 AM
Its for d pple who these so called pastors can brain wash, how can a pastor divorce n remarry when both parties are still alive, is dat wat d bible tells dem?
5/5/2013 4:28:37 AM
wrong again!
5/5/2013 4:35:20 AM
You sure are not very knowledgeable in that bible that you quote. Go and read what Paul says when a spouse leaves (abandons) a marriage.
"But if the unbeliever leaves, let it be so. The brother or the sister is not bound in such circumstances;" 1 Corinthians 7:15
U are wrong to remarry
5/5/2013 4:57:58 AM
It's a big sin for u to remarry, u are a pastor, so u should set good examples! u are wrong to remarry cos u've led so many astray...don't twist the bible by saying'it's to protect women' infact, I believe u remarried cos of her beauty and not cos of all u said! May God have mercy on u...hiss. U are not even worth to be called a pastor! If ur ex-wife slept with another, can't u forgive other than to put her away, are u even perfect as u claimed! Remember u took the oath of for better for worse! Stop making s****d excuses! Abeg!
very bad
5/5/2013 11:48:30 AM
see dis so-called pastor self. most of dem are fake ones. i am sure dis pastor no go bible school. imagine a pas. divorcing his wife. wat do u wanna preacher to ur members. go and restitute or u go to hell
pastor that remarried
5/12/2013 1:32:44 PM
Since his wife left him, according to the bible as advised by Paul, he is free to remarry. There are biblical conditions which allow second marriage though the ex might still be alive.Take time to read ur bible before casting aspersion on people anyhow pls!
Divorce and remarriage
Monday o.
10/5/2013 11:21:57 PM
Acording to 2pt3:15,16(pls read) pple read some part of bible 2 their destruction. In 1cor 7:15 paul talk about right 2 separate but not remarry. Pls Read 1cor7:39 and Rom7:1,2 and b convinced dat nobody shoud remarry when d spouse is stil alive. Anything contrary 2 dis wil lead 2 hell no matter d anointing d pastor claims.
5/5/2013 5:22:07 AM
This is a case of do what i say not what i do..I just pity those who believe everything pastors tell them ( Especially in Nigeria )
She doesn't need to be saved
5/5/2013 5:42:41 AM
Pastor Ighodalo had this to say about his wife "I had this desire even if I didn't marry her to look after her; to protect her, to guide her, and to direct her." Yes Pastor, any man would have done the same. The real truth is that you simply could not control your f*****g hormones. All you saw was a pretty girl and you were thinking of things you could do to her. She doesn't look like a woman that needs saving. She could easily find a man. If you really want to look after a girl, how about an ugly girl? At least, we'll know it came from the heart. This pastor likes to twist words to his advantage. He will make a fine Nigerian politician.. lying and cheating.
pastor is not saved yet. he is still canal.
5/5/2013 11:54:05 AM
pastor needs deliverance. pastor was moved with wat he saw physically and not wat he saw spiritually. maybe d girl was sent destroy u u don't knw. in d day of judgement many will say 'lord! in ur name i've cast out demons buh God will say depart frm me u workers of iniquity. ''change''
5/5/2013 6:38:28 PM
Is easy to see he fell for her beauty, is funny how he used the word 'simple' few times in describing her character. I'm sure he'd came across 'simple, easy going' women in the past but didn't felt the need to wanna look after them no matter what.
Bcareful hw u judge
5/6/2013 10:38:20 PM
U guys dnt know d root of d whole story,n wot u cnt accept dnt wish 4 odas.His wife left im ova TWELVE YEARS AGO married 2 sum1 else wit kids dere n is livin 4 im 2 ave stayd 12 years witout her means he wntd 2 b cursious of bad mouths lik u guys.afta ova 12 years he decided 2 get married so as nt 2 sin against GOD.Do u kno hw many shamles women wud ave pasd advances at im thos makn his lif miserable.if e ad stayd single n comitd u guys wud tokd nw e is doin it unda d protctn of marriag u guys stil ave nonsenc 2 say.He is human lik u all 4 GOD sak.CAN 1 EVA PLEASE D WORLD.
Dont speak against man of God
5/7/2013 4:39:29 AM
No matter what happened try as much as possible not to join people speak against a man of God. It is not for the sake of that man but for the sake of God. Remember the case of Moses, Miriam and Aaron. God help us all in all our imperfections.
Judge Not
9/8/2013 3:23:16 AM
2 all dos conderming d pastors 4 divorcs, d grt quetion is, WHO MADE U A JUDGE OVA ANOTHER MAN'S SERVANT? u r nt d one dat call him 2 preach, it is God who call him, so let only God who call him 2 judge him. rememba MOSES & MIRRIAM. U dat u r talking, r u beta dan d pastors? let nt d wrath of God rest upon u n ur generatn 4 ders no grter sin btwn u judging d pastor n d divorce. —Deut. 24 : 1-4 , Deut. 21 : 15
Sometime, we dnt even know wat d pastor was going tru in dat marriage.

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