Peter Okoye Finally Proposes To His Girlfriend Of 7yrs, Lola Omotayo With A Brand New 2013 Range Rover [PHOTOS]
Story by Julia Blaise
Click for Full Image Size The hot gist in town is that Peter Okoye of P-Square musical duo and half brother of Paul Okoye has finally proposed to his lover of many year, and mother of his two kids, Lola Omotayo.

The Pop star, we gathered proposed to Lola with a Range Rover Envogue. Of course, the Island big babe Lola said Yes.

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Ndi Igbo | 8/6/2013 9:40:56 PM
r*****h disgrace to Igbo people will a Yoruba man ever propose to an Igbo oldmama like that anyway since he likes to copy usher let this not be like usher and his old ex wife.peter you sure like grey haired puss shame better don't get tired of her and do the wedding quick no cheating all though Lola lets you she is your mumu now.
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Tinablack | 8/6/2013 10:55:36 PM |
Good news of d millenium. Dis is one good story I have heard dis year. So happy. Atlast. Patient goes with virtuosness. Congrats dear on ur proposal.

Now haters go die. Where r dose that said Psquare r in cult and d rule of dia cult is not to get married? Shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Kim | 8/6/2013 11:26:18 PM |
I like this... congrats to the latest couple in town! :)
9ja girls neva say no 2 range
umm! | 8/7/2013 12:02:31 AM |
Sure say na peter bought u dat range or u bought it yaself?
anyway okoye for use old school beetle na, the babe no get choice na, u come kill am pata pata with dis mad range. If she say no, make I dieeeeeeeee. Thanksgiving go dey the girl family yard today. The one na big whale her net drag commot from ocean.
you try shaa after 2 pikin
lolo | 8/7/2013 1:00:43 AM |
b4 nko d old woman go say no?
yes2u or yes2dcar
bolaro | 8/7/2013 1:50:47 PM |
Mehn.......cashless policy
Mtcheeeeeew indeed!
Lalaland | 8/8/2013 10:02:41 AM |
Dearest, the old woman craze to say no?!?

After many usage he decided to marry the old woman! It aint gonna stop him from fhucking other women!
Shut up
Henry | 8/7/2013 12:07:16 AM |
Shut up your mouth there, why drink panadol in another man's headache?

p-square respect!
Tajudn | 8/7/2013 12:22:20 AM |
u r reping well, show them love. let them eat their word and put our enemies to shame.
Kini big deal
pj | 8/7/2013 12:11:56 AM |
if she doesnt say yes someone else will
money speaks jare ,,Unlike some guys that put their own engagement rings inside bread, ice cream, some inside moi moi( as if it's egg).but fcuk that handwriting
No, not a disgrace!
Omo Oba | 8/7/2013 1:10:49 AM |
Ndi Igbo, this is not a disgrace to Igbo people. You are actually living in the past. The present crops of Igbo are civilized and are very open to interethnic marriage. This woman has delivered 2 kids for Peter. They have since been living together as husband and wife, he only formalized it. This is not only romantic, it is dignified. This is the most positive end result of endurance, patience and longsuffering. Wish you guys well.
Peter Okoye
Banda | 8/7/2013 8:54:07 AM |
So what, mind you bloody business. Who he does propose to is his own business.
Exercise guru | 8/7/2013 10:11:42 AM |

Lola,as u celebrate,dnt ever forget that TONED and oda blog visitor cussed out peter and lit fire in his buttocks to hasten up n propose to u.we made him think twice n then he made the rite choice by proposin,if not,he would still b dancin olingo finkin he's still a make sure u thank us lola.and peter,make sure u fank us for borrowin our brains,maning up n puttin the ring on that right finger.i wish u guys well..and to ndigbo,ur igbotic ignorance n bigotry didnt go unnotice.

u try toned
Ezinne | 8/7/2013 11:55:34 AM |
I read ur comments all the time,sometimes u rant,sometimes u r funny,sometimes offpoint,bt u talk well sometimes and today is one of them,even daniel's post.
Ndi Igbo
titi | 8/7/2013 1:42:25 PM |
What's up with this Ageism bulls**t in Nigeria? so your saying love & marriage is only for the young?
Love is blind and borderline deaf. Race, religion & age should not matter when you truly love someone...
I guess if a husband cheats on his wife or leave her for a much younger woman no one can really blame him...Right?? because most nigerian seem hell bent on ageism. KMT
Yoruba's are not reliable
paul | 8/7/2013 2:18:33 PM |
We all know he was pressured in and the same way he will be pressured out deceive yourself tribalism doesn't exist in Nigeria try and remove good luck from been president let her go to anambra and see if she will find it easy his Igbo wife is patiently waiting he just don't want to disgrace the old woman so let him just propose for the sake of the children but that don't mean he can't get more outside it is a matter of time and the old woman knows it she won't be the first and last so let her enjoy the car soon the latest one will be out and he will buy for his igbo wife Lola is using oil business to entice him but he is very smart time will tell all these is what we call publicity stunt no way he is happy with oldlola so in ten yrs time you will understand why he is an Igbo man then he will face the real thing his career is not that hot as now and the old woman will be much more wrinkled I don't support my fellow Igbo man marry Yoruba if you don't like it go and die and she is too old for him,Let her enjoy her well staged plan if children were holding marriages some won't be divorced by now.
anon | 8/7/2013 2:11:48 PM |
Why ar u pple sooo retarded, its js a few of dat dat knos wat is going on in d world
What is disgrace?
Ebi | 8/29/2013 1:30:23 PM |
y cant u appreciate him. is it bad in getting married to someone u love. please mind ur business oga Ndi Igbo...
4 real?
Adaugo | 8/6/2013 9:40:56 PM
Mother and son tinz..
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nwa na mama
Harrold | 8/6/2013 9:49:41 PM
Look at the pic Peter looks like her son and she resemble old grannie chai f*****hness is bad Peter Lola has used your tiny brain sorry never knew anambra people are this f*****h never in my life I've I seen such this one get kleg so Peter will carry this old grannie out and introduce her as my wife tufiakwa ona so Oyi irritating sorry peter
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lola is not old
cizi | 8/8/2013 10:40:51 PM |
U guys should gv lola a break pls nd stop calling her old, she's pretty nd we can't deny dat fact its all about maintenance she could be like dis still in d nxt 10yrs if she work 2 it.. Congratz to dem
Lola is not old
Psquare | 8/10/2013 8:13:01 AM |
Thanks cizi i luv wat u said
Pretty | 8/6/2013 9:52:39 PM
So f*****g what get married to your old mama is not my bizness. f**ls
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Pretty | 8/6/2013 9:53:20 PM
So f*****g what get married to your old mama is not my bizness. f**ls
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Chioma Obim | 8/6/2013 10:07:16 PM
Congrats to both of you. You both deserve each other.
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if u follow pple own dem go kill u
Abbie | 8/6/2013 10:13:17 PM
d same pple dat r pained by p square engaging Lola r d same pple cursing her 4 being just his baby mama
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Cheif ajaagba | 8/6/2013 10:19:11 PM
Chai na useless yoruba girl u go propose to infact juju work don work 4 ur head o na yoruba wey 2 dey fhuck goat and money na ein u go propose 2 useless juju yoruba people wey na only only how 2 use red oil take cook fufu and amala
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@Cheif ajaagba
You are a goat | 8/7/2013 12:54:39 AM |
You are a goat
Dear bro
Bbee | 9/1/2013 9:57:51 PM |
all we nid 2 do is pray,so peter can get out of dis mess
last insult
............ | 8/6/2013 10:24:50 PM
it was last insult that hurry peter to engage her, pressure on him
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Pretty | 8/6/2013 10:52:38 PM |
You're right
Extreme Pressure
Sugar | 8/6/2013 10:32:27 PM
This is extreme pressure racked with guilty conscience
A man normally would not wait 7 years to propose.
Sure this will last?
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wow! some ladies are angry
Serena | 8/6/2013 10:55:43 PM
people pls congratulate them joor!!! they are in love hahaha Lola pls run for cover before these angry ladies do something s****d.
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Wow some ladies are angry
Psquare | 8/10/2013 8:15:35 AM |
Yes o really really angry
Why not
Dayo | 8/6/2013 11:06:45 PM
Why can't she say yes when he propose with brand new Range Rover Sport car. If naa u or me that somebody propose with this, se i go say no. By the way my dear Lola congrat to u , u deserve the best. I wish both of u d best.
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ebere peters | 8/6/2013 11:20:42 PM
to peter and lola, it is long overdue but my question to u peter is this why settle for a yoruba girl when we have beautiful,intelligent,well bred,respectable ibo homegirls.
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Dig your grave
Mbason | 8/6/2013 11:49:06 PM
He has forgotten Biafra war ojujwu will b cursing him in his grave s****d boy what did you see in an oldcargo Paul is wiser than you because she born boy and girl you didn't see young Igbo girls that will do better empty brain you have disgraced your people taboo
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jealous f**ls
ME | 8/6/2013 11:56:32 PM
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Eze | 8/7/2013 12:12:00 AM |
Which beautiful kids thank u they are kids goat children the children that look funny with flat nose please she is too old for him and she is wrinkling already too much bleaching cream vs old age soon he will run short woman with flat bum desperate for small boys coughar sugar granny
titi | 8/7/2013 1:52:07 PM |
What age is considered old in Nigeria? please enlighten us the younger generation. First of all Lola is NOT old and secondly she is mixrace therefore she is NOT bleaching. And judging by your dumb comment i'm guessing you are nothing but a bitter, sell by date old hag! Jealously is an illness, get well soon b***h!!
jealous of what
Eze | 8/7/2013 2:36:26 PM |
mix race so mixed she has no identity I'm not a woman and cant Lola leave small boys alone she bought her marriage after a man use you finish be cause of his career and pressure he proposed who is the f**l since that seven years has he been faithful any woman that marries like this it doesn't last so no one is jealous its just the bitter truth how old is Lola and how old is Peter.My wife is pretty and younger than me,I am proud to go out with her,he has always been the noisy one and the shameful noise his making should we start clapping or celebrating if not for shame why wil he use car and go on twitting like a small boy.
titi | 8/8/2013 3:01:22 AM |
Stop taking aspirin for another man's headache. . .and the only reason why your mistaken for a woman is because you b***h and gossip like one. By the way your mrs will age too one day, hope your man enough to stick around.
na wah o
Belinda | 8/6/2013 11:58:02 PM
So sum pple brain still empty like dis?y bn tribalistic?wen de guy no propose na wahala,he propose now dem de ask y he no marry small igbo girl.congrats Paul&Lola
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Bbee | 9/1/2013 10:05:30 PM |
No be paul na peter
Benson | 8/7/2013 12:13:08 AM
Now you are correct man .Well done .All those yabbings does not mean that people hate you but eager to hear this proposal from you to Lola.WE are happy for both of you.Together now all those snatchers will back off totally.MUTUAL LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING IS OBVIOUSLY EXISTING BETWEEN YOU TWO AND WE HAVE NEVER READ NEGATIVE THINGS.WISH BOTH OF YOU THE BEST.
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Smart guy!
Jummy Love | 8/7/2013 12:17:22 AM
Propose to a Nigerian woman with a range rover, no chance in hell she would say NO!
As far as Peter is rich, she'd never leave him, even if he cheats forever
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love for sale
congrats | 8/7/2013 12:20:33 AM
What happend to jst proposing to ur gf in a gorgeous romantic dinner with jst the ring, wine, champagne and good slow music. I guess that is not enuff anymore. This reeks of materialism. Why put the ring on a car? Is the life long commitment of saying yes I will marry u for sale? Anyway to each is own.
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Engaged To The Range
BAR BARIC | 8/7/2013 9:21:16 AM |
So she has agreed to marry the Range Rover 2013 model. Good for it.
Regret | 8/7/2013 12:23:49 AM
This is truly love .Both of you will really make a happy family .Lola is an example of a home maker and builder. We have seen wedding of 2 months collapsed .With all negative things said Lola remain firm and focus. Peter well done that you did not get drawn by all those rivers(LADIES) full of sharks. I mean the DESPERADOS known as OLORUNSOGO .Now is time for those ANIASHAUN ERU ABE.(cheerful below givers) to back off. LOLA HAS GOT THE RING JUST LIKE ANNIE IDIBIA .
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chibuzo | 8/7/2013 12:30:04 AM
I think this marriage is good. They have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.
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About time
lovett | 8/7/2013 12:31:17 AM
It took him long enough. some girls will see all this and go and be nagging their struggling bobo why cant he be romantic like peter. The fact is all fingers are not equal
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............. | 8/7/2013 12:39:59 AM
pray that lgbo will let you enjoy the marriag with him. Yes you are engage, l pray they should let you stay together for life.
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She done old
Me | 8/7/2013 12:41:55 AM
She 2 old..buh sha let dem get did has been done
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Peter and Lola
Alex | 8/7/2013 12:46:43 AM
Big ups Peter, I'm so happy for u both. Lola you got your man now I'm so happy for u. Who ever said u look like his granny must have bumped his or her head because you recently had a baby and you get your body back gradually. I knew Peter would do the right thing after having your baby girl.
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old cargo | 8/7/2013 1:07:11 AM
Na so our guys d**s take sweet Wey yoruba girls fit go any lenth to marry dem nowadays? chai! So who are you guys leaving the yoruba dudes for the igbo girls? Hahahhaahahaha we no want abeg!
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Favour of God | 8/7/2013 7:30:45 AM
Congrate,i'm so happy for u both,my dear Lola u deserve d best,i wish u all d best.
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s****d people
Sako | 8/7/2013 8:15:27 AM
I swear all d i***t wey dey yarn abt tribe dey very f***** una b d kain pple wey dey spoil nigeria.
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help | 8/7/2013 8:18:44 AM
Congrats to both of you. u did the right thing
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LOVE | 8/7/2013 9:57:29 AM

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c.k | 8/7/2013 10:41:47 AM
what is this can we call this love, is like peter know that without that car that girl will, not say yes to him, ,peter u are buying her love with car, love of money, peter maybe ur now dont have anthing to eat but u are there buying love with money,am sorry for u, when u dont have money again u will know what i mean, by that
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c.k | 8/7/2013 10:52:21 AM
i mean ur mother maybe she dont have anything to eat but u are here buying love with money, i tell u that the end of that love is about to come,
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Psquare | 8/10/2013 8:28:12 AM |
U are very heartless. Why did u bring his mother in2 dis.
congrat ma bru!
leodaniel | 8/7/2013 11:14:26 AM
Tank God for everything, finally God's plan in ur li
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Amybacon | 8/7/2013 11:23:26 AM
Peebros u
're a true son of ur father, this to show dat igbos don't forsake theirs . Congrate bros.
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Lola Omotayo
Abobs | 8/7/2013 11:36:08 AM
Congrat o
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Congrats x
titi | 8/7/2013 1:55:56 PM
Congratulations Lola & Peter...what god put together let no man put asunder. All the best x
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nwaoma | 8/7/2013 2:24:18 PM
Well done bro, nice 1
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Shining | 8/7/2013 2:31:34 PM
So yoruba girls ar d ones dat sleep around, hehehehe, na wah o, anyway congrats to dem, let all haters go n perish, Som igbo pple are jst too daft for my liking. Let's jst say d truth. but thank God Yoruba people no dey chop human being
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Peter has disgraced us all
Messialdah | 9/8/2013 7:34:06 PM |
U are d biggest f**l,go back 2 yoruba land n see how they eat men like suya,u are nt worthy to critisiz
LILILL Zamfara | 8/7/2013 2:46:18 PM
The ugly Peter Okoye' is amazing.
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NG | 8/7/2013 3:03:09 PM
If you are a mature being, you must be happy fo Lola. Marriage is a thing of the mind between the two parties. They must agree to something that no one else must know about. Peter has seen something in Lola for these past 7 yrs which he has not seen in any other girl. If Christ did not please people, who else will? Peter you have done the best thing ever in life by proposing to the mother of your children. children are blessings from the Lord. It would have brought cause unto you if u abondon her and mary another. Pleeeesee, don't listen to anyone. just follow ur mind. They are the same poeple who have been asking you to marry Lola and not turning her into a baby producing machine. I'm so happy for this news.
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titi | 8/8/2013 3:06:05 AM |
I really like you comment. It show you have more than two brain cells and is nor a hater or sheep.
Psquare | 8/10/2013 8:30:31 AM |
Tuale i say ehn POKO
WHO CARES | 8/7/2013 3:13:41 PM
When we say most Nigerian women her for sale, you babes say it's a lie that we're attacking women. Didn't psquare just buy himself a yes? Another man will soon go and buy a ring and put it on a plot of land in lekki and put pls say yes on it. Women will always be women sha. The law of nature.
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Chris | 8/7/2013 3:46:02 PM
Young girls and boys please don't join these evil people they are bad role models for the new generation there occult is f**ling them
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Jerry | 8/7/2013 3:49:13 PM
s****d people hailing saying patience is that what your mama taught respect for marriage no more done with dignity women force there's elves on young men
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MISS OVERALL | 8/7/2013 8:21:23 PM
WHO CARES, u r rite. cant stp laffin......
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Chukwuemeka | 8/8/2013 12:56:38 AM
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oma | 8/8/2013 3:04:20 PM
I'm so happy 4 u guys,I remb few months ago wen ppl criticized their rship,so happy dt peter tuk d bold step,happy married life!
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na wao
ebere | 8/8/2013 11:20:26 PM
Na true d lady is too old 4 peter but wot do u wnt her to do , its peters choice n his not complaining n 4 dat cc v.v gal wot is she talking abt peter did not buy her wit R R even without it she would av accepted its wot she ever wanted hence d 2 kids even if he marries an ibo gal first wife na first wife oooo , 4 me I can neva date a guy am older dan neva . Congrate pet n lola okoye happy engagement moon
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na wao
ebere | 8/8/2013 11:21:54 PM
Na true d lady is too old 4 peter but wot do u wnt her to do , its peters choice n his not complaining n 4 dat cc v.v gal wot is she talking abt peter did not buy her wit R R even without it she would av accepted its wot she ever wanted hence d 2 kids even if he marries an ibo gal first wife na first wife oooo , 4 me I can neva date a guy am older dan neva . Congrate pet n lola okoye happy engagement moon, u will live to celebate ur 50yrs marriage anniversary amen.
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Good news
Jardon | 8/9/2013 9:58:44 PM
Owooooooooooo this is good news

Congratulation peter my man
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Don | 8/13/2013 4:47:41 PM
Old mama don charm the poor boy. Yoruba can go any leant to have what they want with charm. Why the boy knw ask her to marry am when their Mom was alive.? Its so painful, wey Igbo sweet young and rich girls full everywhere for Island. Such a shame cos u find it hard for a yoruba man to marry igbo girl. Peter u f**k up as brother. Lola my ass u want fame. Ur baby kiss my foot.
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Namen | 3/2/2014 8:56:00 AM |
It's actually the Igbo girls that refuse to marry yoruba guys... trust me....
Don | 8/13/2013 5:00:02 PM
Old mama don charm the poor boy. Yoruba can go any leant to have what they want with charm. Why the boy knw ask her to marry am when their Mom was alive.? Its so painful, wey Igbo sweet young and rich girls full everywhere for Island. Such a shame cos u find it hard for a yoruba man to marry igbo girl. Peter u f**k up as brother. Lola my ass u want fame. Ur baby kiss my foot.
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pls stop the hate
winny | 8/14/2013 4:14:09 PM
Marriage is complex. you never understand unless u are in it. Peter made a decision . His personal decision!pls show some respect. He's been with the lady for7 yrs so there's smth he must have seen to make him take that decision . yorubas are wonderful people.I have them as friends. My childhood friend who is yoruba is married to an Ibo man and she's such a wonderful wife and mother and her in-laws love her.
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ruky | 8/15/2013 10:25:42 PM
point of correction peter met dis gal after he started singing not b4 oh,but dis woman no de shame oh na wao . Well congrate na wetin u de find since n God don do am 4 u happy , carry go nne
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ugo | 8/15/2013 10:44:43 PM
Tubaba,s own still remains the best proposal ever,see how he went on bended knees in the presence of friends and onlookers n the speech that accompanied it mehn it was so touching, no rench rover jus d ring,knee and his words made me cry . Not dis peter,s own . Is as if his trying so hard to make people think he's in love wit her , as 4 me I dnt think they are in love because de av neva shared a pic of themselves playing,holding hands,kissing or anything but he does dat wit his son,n lola his ok wit it. Congrate happy married life
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happy for u peter and lola
T land | 8/19/2013 3:18:40 PM
Lola is ok b4 she marry peter not bcos of money and not bcos of age my sister am very happy for u almighty God will bless ur marriage enjoy ur home.
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Tank God
Bb London | 8/20/2013 4:31:02 PM
Am happy 4 dem congrat p
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Tank God
Bb London | 8/20/2013 4:31:15 PM
Am happy 4 dem congrat p
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congrat there
jazy | 8/21/2013 6:00:01 PM
too much money mehn...
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she aint'old
haterz go dieeee. | 8/21/2013 6:04:37 PM
congrat lolo
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Watin concern Una
Ebi Okoye | 8/29/2013 1:46:37 PM
If n Una eldest sister him com proposed, una no tell her to n waist time? nonsense people way no go mind dem business.

Abeg LOLA u r welcome to d OKOYE family.
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s****d ppu
Peju | 9/1/2013 1:41:34 AM
U ppu kalg lola old mama, is lyk u wan marry peter. God blis ur hm lolapeter
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Bunch of assholes
Bad Guy | 9/1/2013 8:04:05 PM
If Peter proposes to Lola. Why the f**k are people hating on him. The haters should go and make money, those who aren't married should go and marry and stop talking trash here. Although I know that people are never satisfied. But I suggest you live and let live.
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SHARON | 9/3/2013 4:48:20 AM
Idleness is killing people. Who are you to decide what he does?..please go get a job!!
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Yiboe animals
Miss becky | 10/11/2013 12:16:51 PM
Yiboe animals are way too tribalistic.peter made a gud choice not marrying and hairy,man-looking,yamlegged yiboe female.lola is way prettier than any man looking yiboe female animal in d s**thole south east.ndi ara.
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to miss becky
Bad Guy | 1/22/2014 10:17:06 AM |
Becky. According to your words; What's the difference between the "yibeo tribalists". And yourself. Your just another f*****g tribalist yourself. If you wanna defend lola. Do it with a brain. Not because you can talk means you should be heard.
Nice to see
Azinta Joe | 1/22/2014 1:44:07 PM
It is a thing of joy. Lets thankGod becus He is a maker of all marital issues. To God be the Glory.
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Amar | 7/12/2014 1:20:57 PM
Peter You Are A Disgrace To Anambra Peopple Why Yuroba Lady And To Say She Is Even Older Than you Shame On You
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Hasan | 7/29/2014 5:17:17 PM
Stephanie - Omg they came out so good! Can I order one of each lol. Great job Jackie! My favorite are the ones of them slinimg & I absolutely LOVE the one of the two of them where Justin has his arm around Lola! It's like he is already protecting his sister. Melts my heart!
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