Although this works anywhere in the world, If you’ve dreamed of becoming popular and celebrated but you lost all hope because you ‘don’t have any talent’ (even though we all have talents, but that’s a topic for another day), then you need to read this.

Many people who have no noticeable talents have been living as celebrities from time immemorial. In this brief and simple article, journalist/PR Expert, Morakinyo Olugbiji explains how they do it.

1. MARRY OR DATE A CELEB: If you can find one popular person to date or marry, it will rub off on you because the media will definitely be interested in talking about you since the love lives of celebs are considered ‘newsworthy’. Even if you break up with that celeb, you’ll continue to shine. Example of someone who attained popularity by marrying a celebrity is Oladunni Churchill.

After marrying actress Tonto Dikeh, the young man has been receiving free publicity even for his businesses. Bloggers and journalists have continue to inundate us with his activities. Whether it is hanging out in a club or visiting his grandmother, it is news as long as it is Tonto Dikeh’s husband. There are many celebrities like that in Nigeria and abroad, both male and female. Remember Karrueche Tran? I rest my case with this one.

2. PARTICIPATE IN A REALITY TV SHOW: Just look for one of those reality shows out there to participate in and you are made! Who knew Miyonce until Big Brother Naija? Oh, you say cooking is his talent, but cooking is most people’s skill just as bathing. Cooking is not an extraordinary ability. Besides, did Miyonce enter the show for his cooking? Absolutely, no! Maybe now that he is popular, he can use the cooking as another platform somehow. And Uriel?

Also no noticeable talent. Thin Tall Tony? They said he is into dancing, but you and i know that he was already becoming famous in the Big Brother Naija house, before that news came. Infact most of those housemates have become famous now just by being on that show and not for any talent. Think about Tboss, the only thing she boasts of his her tattoo and piercing, and now she’s famous all over Africa.

We all love Efe, but dat one na rapper? Someone like Karen Igho was also not known for any talent before she became popular as a housemate and winner of Big Brother Africa. There are many other realty shows that require no talent to participate and once you enter, you will become popular whether you like it or not; whether you have talents or not.

3. HANGOUT WITH A CELEB: If you can’t find a celeb to date or marry, you can still become a celebrity if you become their friend or just hang out with them most of the time. Even just one celebrity is ok. Make sure you are with them in the clubs or other social hangouts most of the time. Make sure you appear in most of their photographs being shared on social media or being taken by photojournalists.

Also make sure you speak in their defense online or to the press whenever there are issues relating to them. Whatever happens, just don’t bypass most opportunities to allow people notice that you are close to them. A very good example is Special Ed.

Special Ed is that big dude who used to hang out wherever Wande Coal appeared, even in his videos. Later, he moved on to Davido. He is a smart guy though, when he became quite a popular face on the entertainment scene, he then started being a hype man for both artistes before he launched a rap career.

I know that Noble Igwe has talent for writing and many folks in the entertainment industry know him for that, but most people outside the industry have come to know him more as Ebuka’s friend or Banky W’s friend thanks to the Nigerian blogs and main stream entertainment media. Did i mention that Ebuka himself was made popular by the first Big Brother Nigeria show? The exciting part of this concept is that, once you become popular, you can start thinking about a talent to monetise your popularity with, and that’s if endorsement don’t start pouring in.

4. BE CONTROVERSIAL: Afrocandy, Maheeda, Bobrisky, and Pretty Mike;what do they have in common? Highly controversial. I believe this is self-explanatory. Just do something that will spark public outrage and, Bingo! You hit the spotlight like a jackpot. It’s easier in this era of social media because that’s your platform or voice which will further help you to be seen and heard.

Whether your selling point is a sextape or Nood photos, it doesn’t matter as long as it is something that is very offensive to any popular ideology, institution, theory, movement and what have you. You should be able to catch the attention of one or two important media platforms, blogs are preferable. Then, a horde of smaller, traffic-hungry blogs pick it up and you go viral! Congratulations my friend! You have already made it in this life. Lol.

From this day forward, your publicity will be on autopilot as your social media pages become content sources. If you dare to step out at any event, you will be the darling of journalists and paparazzi. That some of these controversial people have millions of followers on their personal social media pages attests to the efficacy of this advice.

There is a caveat to this one though, you will attract unprecedented critcisms that could make a weak-hearted person commit suicide. However if you can develop a thick skin towards the criticisms with persistence and innovation, they will be your ladder to fame.