According to Punch newspaper, a 40 year old okada rider, Uche Imo, has been arrested by the Police from Isoskoko division after he was alleged to have raped a primary six pupil.

The pupil by name Princess was said to have raped in a hotel on Yemi Aderemi Street, Igbede, in the Ajangbadi area of Lagos.

The name of the hotel was given as Julia Guest House. While the manager of the hotel, who was accused of aiding the act, was invited for interrogation.

It was gathered that Imo and the pupil were neighbours on Tijani Street, Ajangbadi, and he was employed by Princess’ mother to take her and her sister to school.

Imo, a father of five, was said to have lured the 13-year-old girl with cake into the hotel. He had reportedly raped her in the facility four different times.

It is being reported that in one of the instances, Princess declined going inside the hotel room with the suspect, but the manager, William, reportedly persuaded her.

The mother of the pupil said she knew about the ‘sexual relationship’ between her daughter and Imo on February 14, 2016, after he brought Princess and her sister back from an outing on that day.

She said, “Baba Joy (Imo) was my neighbour and was the one taking my children to school. I paid him N200 every day. On February 14, he came to me and said he wanted to take them out and I allowed him. He bought meat pie and ice cream for them. When they came back, Helen said I should ask her sister what happened between her and Baba Joy.

“I asked her, but she denied that anything happened between them. It was when I started beating her that she confessed that Baba Joy had sex with her, adding that it had been happening for long.”

Princess told the police that the Abia State-born suspect had been raping her since December 2015, adding that he usually gave her cake.