The acting industry in Ghana has come to stay without any doubt and more new faces keep upsurging day in and day out. The new faces mainly the women often have some peculiar problems especially with pregnancy, because when they become pregnant whiles active in the movie scene, it pushes them to the back ground. Some Ghanaian stars have already suffered this problem so the need to talk about in this paper. Actress Juliet Ibrahim was taken out of the movie “4Play Reloaded” due to pregnancy and was replaced by sultry actress Yvonne Nelson.

The face of the moment Soraya Mensah has also passed through the same stage in a woman`s life(pregnancy) but she did not go to the background as the others did, since she featured in some movies all that time. Why are Ghanaian women having problems with pregnancy and working at the same time? Pundits have seen Alicia Keys performing on a BET stage with pregnancy but Sherifa Gunu performed at Ghana Music Awards with pregnancy and questions were being asked as to how that can happen.

Being driven into the movie industry by Chris Attoh in Sparrow`s Produced Scorned movie, she moved on to Venus films and her career started rocketing without bounds. So far she has starred in Prince Bride and many more from the staples of Venus films. Her fat belly since last year has given her a golden daughter called Jamylah who has her god parents to be Jackie Appiah and Majid Mitchell.

Being some one who wants to build a recognizable career around her, why is she not accepting any script which comes her way? “As an actress, you don’t have to accept just any script. You have to consider the roles being played and even more importantly who is directing the movie itself” she revealed. Despite this limitations imposed on her own, she hopes to bounce back big time into the movie industry after nursing her first golden child to the stage she wants her to get to.

Soraya is studying marketing currently and dreams to become one of the greatest marketers of our time. Very soon, she will be launching her own production firm called “Platinum Films” which aims to help only up and coming actors and actresses in the movie industry. She was not happy with the trend of movie producers sleeping with actresses before giving them roles to play in movies.

Being a woman in this field, she has a good feeling that women are very influential in this field and can make things happen when given the chance. Fans should not be surprised when they realize that Frank Rajah is directing her works because she likes his output to the brim. Plus she intends to help the new faces with her production house which will shoot its first movie soon in Ghana. Soraya was economical with words on marital issues especially the one involving celebrities since some people have the belief that marriages between celebrities often fall on rocks. “What I believe is that anytime you involve the media and the public into your marriage, they end up controlling it instead. This is just my advise to colleagues actors and actresses about their marriage” she added.

She advised her fans and new actresses not to rush in the industry but to take their time to learn more about the field before making any entry into the game. “Movie stars are not to be desperate to feature in movies. When it is your time, you will definitely shine” she concluded. If you have not yet seen her beautiful in any movie so far, then watch out, for her best is yet to be fulfilled.