Nigerian singer, D’banj, is still waxing stronger especially with his latest single, ‘Emergency’ which is still having good airplay.

The singer seems not to be in a rush to dish out songs but while taking his time to select and strategise on how to hit the Nigerian market real hard, the singer has disclosed that there is no record label anymore since the fold up of Mo’hits records.

Better known as the Kokomaster, he made the shocking revelation while speaking to journalists during an MTVBase media hangout. “There is no point fooling one another; record labels in Nigeria died after Mo’Hits. I am saying the truth; there is no record label again.

“Any artiste that buys a laptop, produces a song and manages to get his uncle to pay for the video could as well call himself a record label owner. A record label must have distribution channels in place.”

Though, he is entitled to his opinion but this might sure not go down well with some record label owners who are making it already in the country.

But D’banj owns DB records, is he now letting the world know that even his record label is not qualified to be called a record label too?