Love they say is a beautiful thing if the feeling is mutual, it only becomes soar when its one sided.

Actor Blossom Chukwujekwu seems to be the type of person who tries to keep his affair off social media.

I can categorically say, ever since he came into limelight, Blossom has not been found in any major controversy.

Unlike most of his colleagues he is never heard bragging, revealing personal details about his life or showing off his personal acquisition.

His wife Maureen seems to be the opposite as she has been revealing things about her marriage at every given time.

The fashion designer took to her page to share how loving and caring her husband was to her this morning, when he dropped her ATM card, lip balm, charger  into the carton of her drugs.

This was to make sure she was able to take the drugs without forgetting. The drugs appear to be an anti-malaria medication.

Although we all love the fact that he loves her, but bringing a young marriage on social media seems to be risky.

Nigerians has been begging her to keep her marriage off social media and follow the step of the husband who hardly shares personal details on social media.

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