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Former BBA star and Nollywood actor, Uti Nwachukwu, says he does not pray for his level to reduce but rather he should continue to soar high after winning the N30 million cash price from the competition. The actor explained that he has been able to stay relevant because he has been hard working and not like other people who will get some certain amount of money and then spend it unwisely. Uti explained that he cannot allow the thirty million naira to get into his head rather it will be better he invest it well so it can give him an amount like N300 million to fall back on. “I have always been a hard worker. I have not stopped working. It is not like I will just sit around and be lazy all day because my account is fat. I have been working and I am not even thinking of the millions (I got from the BBA) right now. I mean, it’s just N30 million – not like it’s N300 million. EXCLUSIVE: Crack Between Ini Edo, Emem Isong Over Movie Credit So, I am thinking of constantly working hard to make sure I can turn the N30 million to N300 million within a short period of time,” he told Thisday newspaper. He noted that he has spent part of the money into some business ventures which have been yielding returns gradually and would continue to work like a mad man. “I have one or two things I’m doing with the money presently – small investments here and there – which I’d rather not disclose now. But trust me, I’m not one of those people that got the money and squandered it. It made me work harder because the responsibilities increased, and you don’t want to lose that. That’s why I work like a mad man,” he noted.
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