This Nigerian televangelist was born on the 16th of June, 1958 in Delta state. In his young years, a natural talent was singing, but he commercialised his talent until his first year in the University of Nsukka where he read Law. He had a highly successful pop music career and was one of the few who stimulated the emerging music industry in Nigeria. He was voted ‘Man of the Year’ by National Encomium Magazine in 2002 for ‘daring to speak in the face of adversity and threat to his life’. He had a vision to liberate Nigerians from the bondage of poverty, ethnic chauvinism and religious bigotry and so he ventured into politics. From Justice Party to Fresh Party, he failed consecutively to win the elections three times. He is gifted with words and is an author of many books, including the bestseller, The Last Outcast. Who is he? your social media marketing partner