The 95-year-old woman, who made headlines recently after she willingly donated her life savings to support the campaign of Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has explained why she took the step. The aged woman, Hajiya Fati Maitalle Tara fondly called 'Mai Talle Tara' explained that Buhari helped her contracting job as far back as 1983, when he was then the country’s Head of State. She further said that her business was then on the verge of collapse because the then-government refused to pay her investment, but that was when Buhari helped her. The woman said when the APC campaign train got to Kebbi State, she used the opportunity to meet with Buhari once again and donated N1million to his campaign fund. She said, "I was a contractor at that time. When Buhari took over, I executed a contract at a school in Gummi, now Zamfara State, worth about N40,000. Payment for the job done was denied me by the then Sokoto State government. I took a loan from several people just to execute the contract. "But under Buhari, a committee was set up for verification which objectively inspected the project and recommended immediate payment without any kick back. I constructed two blocks of classrooms but because the then government did not want to pay me, they accused me of conniving with the engineer to carry out substandard work. But as I said, Buhari’s committee came and verified my work as one of the best and I got paid eventually. "Yes, at that time during Buhari’s regime, honesty and transparency were the order of the day," she narrated. She was given the opportunity to see Buhari and took some photographs with him. She also said Buhari bears the same name as her father. "Do you know why I still like Buhari? He stands for truth and bears the name of my late father." your social media marketing partner