Some Nigerians are known to fight over matters that do not concern them. What wonders some people is the way they get involved such issues, when the main principal is far away from them and hardly knows of their existence. The decision of American star, Bruce Jenner to transform from a man to a woman and now be called Caitlyn Jenner has caused ripples in Nigeria. Even Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha, was not left out of it. She went on her Instagram page to write her view on the matter and what she got were loads of criticisms from some of her followers, who were not happy with her opinion. According to her, “It might not make sense to me or others; we might come to our own conclusion of what a man or woman should be or look like. But in all of our beliefs, traditions and religions, what matters the most is love for your fellow human being. “Nothing is most honourable than being true to yourself regardless of what society thinks. I salute you Caitlyn Jenner for your courage.” But this did not go down well with some of her followers, who reacted to her view. Below are few of the arguments that ensued. Queen_christagram: Please call a spade a spade for God to take glory georginaonuoha @queen_christagram: are you a lesser sinner than him because he is a transgender? But I just took a look at your profile picture and you think God will be happy for a woman like you to be dressed like that with all your tommy out? When the bible asked you to cover her? Why are we quick to call God? When we are commuting same sin in our own way? queen_christagram: Dear it's nothing to compare been from a man ur maker created u to a woman u made itself do u think he will be happy which means u are blaming him for making u man georginaonuoha: No sin is lesser @queen_christagram queen_christagram: Well am judging him so that l won't be judge but so far is not proper on human eyes I don't think it will proper in d sight of you queen_christagram: because all these is vanity upon vanity afterwards you will go to your maker and answer oluwakemisarah: Being true to yourself doesn't mean u should change what God or nature made u. I wonder what kinda believe is that... I thought u are a Christian? We’re letting d society presents what is not normal as normal. georginaonuoha: @oluwakemisarah even the man that handed Christ over to be condemned begged for the answers of what truth meant ? Cesar! That society defines your trust or structure what we perceive as trust does not mean that we stand accused if we think or feel differently. Caitlyn is living her trust publicly. Why don't you all saint stop condemning her? I bet she might make heaven before all you saint because she is living her "sin" and trust publicly. If only men were God; none will survive the wickedness of his wrath. READ ALSO: Buhari does not believe in Marabot – Garba Shehu Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner