I decided to write about this issue because I felt this is the right time to do this. The issue of OJB Jezreel is still generating buzz in the polity. But have we taken the pain to ask ourselves how long would we continue to have things done based on sympathy? During the hay days of most of our celebs, they indulge in alcohol, smoking, women and other vices, but when the problems start, they run to the general public and resort to sympathy to get help for their self-inflicted troubles. Almost all celebs find pleasure in drinking dry gin and smoking of marijuana without having at the back of their mind the resultant effect of their acts. I am not saying that OJB Jezreel may have indulged in alcohol or smoking but the fact remains that our celebs should have in mind that whatever they do today has an effect on them tomorrow and that the public do not owe them any responsibility for their misdeeds. This is important because some people earlier resorted to sympathy by lambasting some celebs who OJB Jezreel made stars, claiming they are obliged to pay his N16 million medical bill. I am not speaking for any of them, but if our celebs live responsibly, they won’t be in a tight situation because when they were making money, most of them don't help the poor around them. I wish to write long, but I am really not in the mood for that now. I just only want to pass this message before another OJB Jezreel emerges soon. I wish him a quick recovery. Please donate to save him. God bless us all more. Amen. READ IT HERE: MORE ON OJB
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