Some people have always kicked against dating or marrying someone from the same industry. Different reasons have been given for this. In the banking industry in Nigeria, it is not allowed for husband and wife to be in the same financial institution. It is either one of them will quit the job. For Nollywood actress, Omowuni Dada, she can never date or marry someone from the movie industry. To her, it is like incest, which is a taboo in most parts of Africa, including Nigeria. "I cannot date a Nollywood actor, not because they are not wonderful people but because I see them more as my brothers and my friends and so it will be weird. I have not just thought of anyone I could date or even marry in Nollywood. "They are just all like my friend and it will be more like incest. They are just all like my friends and it will be more like incest. I don’t know really. If you agree to add Majid Michel. Maybe him o, so that we can do acting training together," she said. "Or maybe Okey Uzoeshi. Okey is a gentleman. He is my paddy. So maybe him," she added. your social media marketing partner