Nollywood actress, script writer and producer, Blessing Effiom Egbe, has made her name with her various movies which she has continued to chunk out yearly. The actress, who is proudly married with three kids in a recent interview disclosed that she has put a stop to having babies and now left with training them and facing her business. “How many you want make I born?’ Three is enough, maybe because I am really on top of it that’s why it not easy to do one more. But if I would just have the child, drop it and go for my business like most people do, I may be able to do one more but I’m on it,” she told Newtelegraph. Speaking about the attitude of some actors while on set, the actress stated that some have bad working attitude which she sometimes does not find very comfortable with. Citing an example, she Blessing revealed how an actress messed up her scrip in ‘Iquo's Journal.’ your social media marketing partner