While many ladies are struggling to get a good shape with their waist trimmer, some that are naturally endowed might not be that happy with what they have though. For well endowed Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem, she seems not to enjoying the weight that is attached to her backside. The naturally blessed actress has been the envy of some ladies and an attractive beauty to some men who like them big but for some time now, it’s like she is no longer interested with her backside anymore. The actress recently shared her picture when she was down with typhoid in 2014,expressing that she would like to lose weight just the same way she lost some then but would not want it through sickness again. “That picture reminds me of August 30th, 2014 a day after I recovered from typhoid. If I can loose weight to that stage again, I’ll be the happiest person but not with sickness this time.”
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