Tuesday, 16 August 2011 00:00 Daniel Obi, Media business, Editor . .Panasonic, a technology leader in HD plasma televisions, is set to satisfy Nigerian consumers as it introduces its latest line up of Viera TV models with new features. The 2011Viera Plasma TVs are built with internal protocol (IPTV) that provides easy access to variety of internet services and web entertainment. The firm says at Consumer Electronic show in Lagos last week that the services provided include YouTube, facebook, Twitter, Bloomberg, Skype, among other web-based services. In addition to the entertainment value for the consumer with IPTV, it has made the 3D experience more realistic with the introduction of 3D LCD TVs that accept USB and chip cards. This means that consumer can play recorded film, music with USB on the TVs. With innovations, promos and constant product displays, the company is steadily earning consumers loyalty in the Nigerian market where various electronics manufacturers are pushing very hard to building brand loyalty. Speaking with BusinessDay at the show, the leader in TV models, Obayashi Mikihiro, said the 2011 models focus on enhancing the user’s TV experience with expanded IPTV features and improved picture quality, noting that “Viera TVs do more than just deliver beautiful images, they incorporate features and functions that expand entertainment, enrich lifestyles and give people creative new ways to enjoy TV.” The new models combine eco sensibility with superior product performance. Further expanding product availability in the audio visual category, Panasonic also introduced 2011 models of DVD Home Theatre Systems, DVD players and Blu-Ray Disc Players. The latest models of DVD, which achieve powerful sound and real musical experience, are also USB enabled. In recent years, it has diversified it product range available in Nigeria, consisting of air conditioners, home appliances, flat-screen TVs including the world’s largest 103 inches TV, digital cameras. Also speaking, the managing director of Panaserv Nigeria Limited, Suraj Rupani said understanding the Nigerian consumers was important to Panasonic to enable it serve them better.
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