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Identified for her articulate and bright nature, Fareedah is a 400L student of Law Uniabuja. She's also the CEO of AngelsChoice Body, Abuja and Yolo Magazine. On her way from the airport last week with a barrister friend, they picked up some students at the university main campus gate. Things suddenly changed from what looked like an happy ride home after a trailer rammed into their Honda car. The pressure of the hit was as such that their car ran into another moving vehicle. Despite the wrecked car, Fareedah and other passengers fortunately survived with various degrees of injuries. Click:El-Rufa’i pledges fiscal discipline Fareedah has since then been recovering from the shock as she hopes to be strong again before school resumes and also to go by her daily business which is what she's renowned for. Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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