Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has disclosed that despite studying Creative Arts and majoring in Theatre Arts in the University, she was never someone that had the confidence to face crowd. She stated that she was always shy and scared of how people will make a mockery of her. According to her, this made her love her theory classes than practical lectures. "This is the irony, I studied Creative Arts and majored in Theatre Arts but i wasn’t the practical kind of student. Although I did do a few, I was shy and scared shitless. I was more of the give me a book and let me talk to the paper kind of student," she said. Moyo explained that while in school, her first major script for rehearsal was so horrible that one of the actors wondered as he asked if she could ever deliver her lines with the kind of attitude she was giving. Recalling how she looked then, the actress stated that it seems she lost 1000 pounds of weight because she was just trying to get herself ready for her script interpretation. READ ALSO:Ibinabo Sets Up Benevolent Fund To Cater For Veterans Against The Unexpected READ ALSO: EFCC summons 120 Ogun teachers over N200m loan Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner